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Cloud services

Security. Responsiveness. Scallability. Welcome to life in the Cloud

Cloud services are the ideal way to maximize value for your IT investment. Your data is held in “the Cloud” – a network of interlinked servers. That means you can access your vital documents and files wherever you are: and if something does go wrong with your onsite servers, there’s still a functioning copy of your business ready to step in and take up the slack. Our London IT support team offers a complete suite of Cloud services, from remote storage to memory expansion and software licensing.

The best of both worlds

It’s important to remain in control of your business – which is why our London IT support team will never suggest that you remove hardware from your own building. Backing all your data up in the Cloud, though, gives you total peace of mind in the event of a catastrophic onsite data loss. The servers that the Cloud is strode in are located in remote areas, in specially-designed installations. Which means your data is protected with the same high degree of security. You get the best of both worlds: London IT support, remotely and on the spot, when something happens to your onsite hardware; and full backup and remote service from the Cloud. Never worry about your business data again.

Enterprise level security for every business

The high level of data security associated with the Cloud is one of the biggest draws for a small or medium sized business. Because your business is just one of thousands paying a rental fee to use the Cloud, you get access to a security service you would never have been able to afford on your own. You also get access to the latest versions of key business tools, all of which can be accessed in the Cloud and used on machines in your place of business.

The latest software, with no licensing worries

Say goodbye to re-licensing your business-critical software every year. Your monthly rental fee for the Cloud covers everything: the hardware the Cloud uses, the premises its servers are located in, and the software tools that are stored on it. You can run your whole business from the Cloud if you like, benefiting from the best quality antivirus software and the latest versions of popular business software. The licensing is our responsibility: as far as you’re concerned, you get the use of vital software for as long as you choose to use our Cloud services.

Monitoring your business health

We can also use the Cloud to keep an eye on the health of your onsite hardware. By mirroring your servers in the Cloud we’re able to see exactly how they’re performing, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our automated server monitoring software will alert us immediately if there is a problem, or if the data and power use of your hardware is flagging up potential future problems. Plus we can remotely access any machine that needs attention, with no need to charge you for an onsite emergency callout.