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Immediate Steps to Water Damaged Laptop


Having a water damaged laptop? It is quite huge issues needed to get immediate attention. When this happens to someone, then would have two thoughts in mind whether the problem can be fixed with laptop water damaged repair or it has gone forever. Still, many people think the laptop is dead and would not be used in future as they spilled water on the keyboard, but in some cases this is not the ultimate thing. It is possible that some damage is done, but with steps for laptop repair at home that are mentioned here can work wonders in favour of you.

Things You Require – When the water spilled to the laptop, then chances are high that the huge issues would have been done, but, still, immediate attention is capable to reverse the water damage to the laptop. Possibly, laptop repair is not that easy as it sounds and this tricky work requires some experience with electronics disassembling.

Remove Keyboard – When you have spilled water, tea, coffee or any of the liquid to the laptop, then it may reach into the internal parts via keyboard. So, very first thing, you have to do is to disconnect the keyboard after turning off the laptop. When you would have got done the process, then also would tell whether the water or liquid touches the motherboard or not. Time to simply clean the keyboard using dry, lint free cloth and If any stickiness is there, then clean with alcohol.

Soaked With Water – If huge amount of water still left under the case first thing to do is to leave laptop upside down like open book. You need to leave it for at least 24 hours before trying to turn it on. If you can feel that water still present after 24 hours, then laptop water damage repair is highly difficult and better you should consult the professional to deal with the situation. Still, it is suggested to not to turn on the laptop until the professional have made that repair as possibly the water present at the circuit may end with huge damage.

Claim Insurance – In case, you have bought the laptop recently, then whether the small or huge water damage is there, but you need not to touch it or better we should say not to try repairing it at home. Idea is to take it to the reputable service center provided by the insurance. If you try to repair laptop by yourself it will void the warranty and it can void insurance as well.

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