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Computer Repair News and Case Studies

Sdr Vivid

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Hard drive replacement

Customer called us with request to replace hard drive for Macbook pro. There is a lot of Macbook pro models with different hard drives installed, so we asked for serial number. It was was quite old Macbook pro laptop model from year 2013. The client had a problem with loading Mac Operating system. The laptop just showed question mark and refused to load. Firstly – she went to apple support. …

Motherboard Repair Ddr Ram Socket Resoldering And Replacement

DDR 4 memory socket replacement for Asus motherboard

The customer asked us to repair a broken memory socket in the expensive Asus x99 desktop motherboard. The socket was damaged while taking graphics card out. The motherboard was unusable as memory chips were not working. It was an expensive motherboard and the customer paid £80 so it was much cheaper than the new or used motherboard. It took just one day and was repaired and working perfectly. If you …

Sony Vaio How To Upgrade Hdd To Ssd

Sony Vaio laptop Hard drive replacement

The customer contacted us because of the hard drive issue with the old Sony laptop. There was the message with smart protection and it meant that it can be imminent hard drive failure. The laptop work was slowing down constantly for some time and now it was working really slow. One of our engineers came to the East London E16 area and checked what the problem is. The hard drive replacement …

Sony Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Sony SVN15 Laptop Faulty Hard Drive replacement with Solid State Drive SSD

The customer contacted us with the unknown fault in Sony Vayo VGN15 laptop. Computer repair engineer came to South East London SE12 area to check what is wrong with the laptop. After initial assessment and testing, it was obvious that the hard drive has failed. Computer repair engineer replaced old and faulty hard drive with new very fast Solid state drive. Unfortunately, all the information on the hard drive, including …

Razer gaming laptop 1Tb Samsung SSD

SSD drive upgrade for Razer Gaming laptop

The customer enquired about SSD upgrade for gaming laptop Razer. But he did not know what exact SSD model he had inside. We have checked what is the hard drive inside a particular model. It was Nvme M.2 Solid State Drive inside. We have sent the customer a link to purchase the suitable for Raser 1 TB Solid State Drive. After the customer received the item, one of our engineers came …

It Support

New Laptop setup and installation

We were called to the small office to prepare three new laptops for work. Company in IG6 called Us before with the question which laptop computer is good for everyday office tasks for the right price. We did a small research and send the customer a few suggestions with different price tags. The company has chosen Lenovo laptops for an upgrade. Our task was to prepare laptops for work, set …

Gaming Laptop Cleaning Services London Essex

MSI Dominator powerful gaming laptop fan cleaning

Customer contacted us on Facebook with enquiry about gaming laptop cleaning. This was really powerful and expensive MSI Dominator series gaming laptop and customer was not sure if we will be able to clean it without any damage to the hardware. As we have professional computer repair engineer with lot’s of experience we were sure that everything will be fine and no hardware will be damage in the cleaning process. One …

Asus Laptop Hard Drive Replacement London

Asus FX series gaming laptop hard drive replacement and upgrade to SSD

We have received an online computer repair enquiry from Asus gamin laptop owner. She was playing the game and the computer just freezed. No reaction from keyboard or mouse whatsoever. She even tried Ctrl+alt+del key combination with no luck. The only way was to turn off the laptop holding down turn on button for 6 seconds. Unfortunately this didn’t help to solve the problem. After restart the laptop went to …

Hp Touchsmart 520 All In One Pc Fan Cleaning Services Londonimg 20190920 115544

HP TouchSmart 50 All-in-one PC fan cleaning

We had a task to clean all-in-one HP TouchSmart Desktop computer fans as the PC was overheating a lot. After turning on – the computer could work only for few to several minutes before switching off by itself. The customer could not do anything with the computer and called Us for help. One of our engineers came to Wanstead E11 area and cleaned HP desktop computer on-site. It took around …

Dell Laptop Fan Cleaning Services London

Dell XPS p56f fan cleaning

The customer sent us an enquiry about laptop cleaning services for Dell XPS high specs laptop. It was heavily used for three years and wasn’t clean for this period. The laptop started to heat up even on the light use. Customer used a special system with multiple systems on the laptop including MAC system. The Dell laptop was heating a lot in these conditions and needed to be cleaned. Because …

Hp Omen Fan Coling System Cleaning

Hp Omen gaming laptop fan cleaning

The customer called with the overheating issue with HP Omen gaming laptop. When playing games or using high resource-demanding programs, laptop fan becoming very loud and the laptop got very hot too quickly. Our laptop repair engineer came to East London and cleaned the dust from laptop fans. the dust was stuck to the fan because it was kept in a quite wet environment. This means the dust is stuck …

Asus Ultrabook Fan Cooling System Cleaning

Asus ultrabook cooling system cleaning

Our customer had a problem with Asus laptop overheating. Temperatures could reach as high as 95 degrees Celcius. Interesting that in that high temperatures ultrabook did not switch off itself to prevent CPU overheating. Our computer repair engineer disassembled Asus ultrabook and found lots of dust and completely dried cooling paste. Paste usually dries when the laptop is constantly exposed to high heats. Dust was cleaned and old paste was …

Msi Apache Pro Laptop Fan Cleaning London

MSI Apache pro gaming laptop cooling system cleaning

The client booked online engineer visit for laptop cleaning services in Abbey Wood. One of our engineers came the very next day to clean MSI Apache pro gaming laptop. MSI laptop was heating too much for its age and too much to work stable. On the very high loads, CPU temperatures could reach even 105 degrees! There should be an auto switch off safety feature for the laptop but it …

Acer Gaming Laptop Cleaning Woolwich London

Acer Predator cooling system cleaning

We were called by the customer who experienced very high temperatures even on low loads for his Acer Predator gaming laptop. Temperatures were so high as 98 degrees! Our cleaning service came to the rescue. Our laptop cleaning engineer visited Woolwich area and cleaned Acer Predator cooling system on-site. There was lots of dust and one fan was clogged completely. After cleaning the dust and fans Engineer repasted cooling system …

Dell Xps Laptop Cleaning

Dell XPS fan system cleanup

Powerful Dell XPS laptop was overheating constantly making the laptop to work unstable and keep crashing constantly. The client wanted us to visit Muswell Hill to clean his laptop on-site. We came to N10 in London and cleaned Dell XPS laptop at home. The client was surprised how much dust was collected by the fans and that the cooling paste was completely dry because of constant overheating. After a cleaning CPU …

Sony Vaio Fan Cleaning Services

Sony Vaio fan and cooling system cleaning

We have just cleaned dust from Sony Vaio laptop cooling system. We were called to come to south East London and clean customer’s Somy laptop.  There was an overheating problem with the Sony laptop. After checking up we found that fan needs to be cleaned and thermal paste reapplied. It took exactly one hour to do so and the overheating problem disappeared instantly. The laptop is running smoothly, quietly and not …

Lenovo Laptop Fan Cleaning London

Lenovo Z70 laptop fan cleanup

We have cleaned cooling system for Lenovo laptop computer. Customer was worried that the laptop is getting very hot. Lenovo computer even started to shut down itself what is really bad for all laptop components. After some time of overheating, laptop can become faulty and the motherboard may need to be replaced, which is really expensive. Please check our photos of fan cleaning for Lenovo Z70. If you would like to …

Mac And Windows Laptop Keyboard Replacement Windows 4

Keyboard replacement for Sony Vaio laptop

Computer repair customer called with the quote to replace the keyboard for Sony Vaio laptop. He was told by high street repair services that this will cost £80. We have checked and found that it can be replaced for £50. We have checked that laptop had water damage, so we cleaned laptop as well. It took 2 days and the keyboard was successfully replaced. Please check photos for keyboard replacement …

Petya ransomware virus

Latest ransomware attack – should I need to be concerned?

What is this? This is a malicious software that locks up computer data and encrypts it with unbreakable encryption. Then you are asked for a random sum of bitcoins (virtual currency) to decrypt it. It ATTACKS USER COMPUTERS AS WELL. Not only companies have been attacked. How it spreads? Ransomware spreads through eternalblue vulnerability found in Microsoft Windows. Once it infects one computer it can quickly spread to all computer on the …

Critical alert Microsoft virus

Critical alert fom Microsoft virus

Recently many customers call us with this kind of problem. It looks like it appears out of nowhere and many computer users get panicked and call this support number. It looks like genuine Microsoft support. In some cases it even speaks via your speakers. Please check our video below. The message says –   Dont restart your computer The following information was found on this error: Code: 00xO4C)8 Discription An unsupported …