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Petya ransomware virus

Latest ransomware attack – should I need to be concerned?

What is this? This is a malicious software that locks up computer data and encrypts it with unbreakable encryption. Then you are asked for a random sum of bitcoins (virtual currency) to decrypt it. It ATTACKS USER COMPUTERS AS WELL. Not only companies have been attacked. How it spreads? Ransomware spreads through eternalblue vulnerability found in Microsoft Windows. Once it infects one computer it can quickly spread to all computer on the network. It tries no one but few options to infect a computer. It’s evolved variation of Wannacry with improved spreading capabilities. It spread through phishing mail campaign with malware attachments. What should I do if infected? There is no clear …

Critical alert Microsoft virus

Critical alert fom Microsoft virus

Recently many customers call us with this kind of problem. It looks like it appears out of nowhere and many computer users get panicked and call this support number. It looks like genuine Microsoft support. In some cases it even speaks via your speakers. Please check our video below. The message says –   Dont restart your computer The following information was found on this error: Code: 00xO4C)8 Discription An unsupported or invalid partition type was detected. The infection detected, indicate some recent downloads on the computer which in turn has created problems on the computer. Call technical support 020 3868 7847 and share this code B2957E to the Agent to …

Tablet computer repair London

When You Are Using Your Tablet as a Main Computer

When your system has goes for computer repair or you can’t afford a new computer right now, then no worries, as you can use your tablet as the main machine. Many people have the doubt regarding the fact that they can make use their tablet as the main computer because it is hard to deal with the documents and other things on such small device. But this is just myth, but nothing else. So, you can in fact, use that not for the time when your system is gone for repairs but forever. Here mentioned are the points you need to consider when using tab as prime device so would …

Computer repairs London

What you Need to Understand Before Getting Done The Computer Repair

When your computer starts working very slowly, then the possible presence of virus to the system must be there. In case, you are not feeling that need to get done the virus removal, then one should make the task done by the professional. It is a very common issue faced by most of the people that they stare for long at the computer, but still, no web page is loaded and this is the reason that one has to go for the computer repair to make it work normally. Reasons for System Slow Down- It may be possible that you would have bought the new computer just few months back, …

Mac apple Laptop water liquid damage repairs London

Immediate Steps to Water Damaged Laptop

Having a water damaged laptop? It is quite huge issues needed to get immediate attention. When this happens to someone, then would have two thoughts in mind whether the problem can be fixed with laptop water damaged repair or it has gone forever. Still, many people think the laptop is dead and would not be used in future as they spilled water on the keyboard, but in some cases this is not the ultimate thing. It is possible that some damage is done, but with steps for laptop repair at home that are mentioned here can work wonders in favour of you. Things You Require – When the water spilled …

Virus removals London, spyware removals

When is the Time to Recover from a Virus Attack

Clicking to an unknown email attachment might be the virus, which can possibly infect your system. This might also infect your system, which you have picked from your friend’s computer or sometimes it unwillingly passes to your computer. Having a virus in your computer, possibly affect the working on the same in any ways like, programs going dark or some important data or file can be misplaced, then the very first should be taken for virus removal. What is Virus? A computer virus is a program that comes in the way of the normal working of the computer and how it operates and the worst part is this is not …

Laptop repair London

When Your Laptop Is Running Slowly?

Are you dealing with the issue of slow computer or it keeps on whizzing? Then, before jumping to conclusion that you need a new computer, you need to go with the computer repair that can be done by following some of the simple steps that are mentioned below: Back Up Your Computer- This is quite common with maximum number of the people that they used to save their photos, videos or other important documents in the laptop as this is their way to cherish the memories, but when you are going to diagnose the issue with the laptop, then better you need to check the files and get a backup …

iMac repairs London

Troubleshooting the Blue and Grey Screen on Start-Up

Like any of the other computer or laptop, a Mac is also dealing with some of serious issues time to time. Sometimes, some of the things are there for which you can try an iMac repair at home and make it work like before, but on the other hand, some of the issues are there, and those go horribly wrong. So, if you are facing any of such thing, then need to troubleshoot what is actually responsible to making the iMac go wrong? Sometimes, some of the issues with the iMac are universal that can unwanted with versions of OS X, that can be solved, and some issues are there …

Virus removal London

FAQs When the System is affected with Virus

Having a virus attack to the computer may leave many bad effects like whether the important file in the system is corrupted or may be deleted. Having a virus presence not just move the files, but also affects the operations of the program as well. There are some ofthe common types of viruses that may end with laptop repair if left unnoticed includes overwrite virus, resident virus, directory virus, file infectors and boot viruses as well. The very common virus is a malware type, which is created in a way that it is not required any permission to enter the computer. What Are Common Type Of Computer Viruses? A computer …

Considerable Things When Planning to Buy New Laptop

Considerable Things When Planning to Buy New Laptop

Many a times, this happens to you that you are having the desktop, but due to some reason, you need to go for desktop computer repair after small intervals. This is the most annoying thing for anyone. So, this is right time to buy a laptop.So, buying a laptop is quite easy, but to make a choice what would fit with your expectations and needs according to prices and services is a challenging task as making a wrong choice can leave you with laptop repair.So, to keep you away from such things necessity is that you have to consider the below mentioned points and then only plans to buy a …

Gaming PC repairs, computer repaiirs

A Guide to How to Speed Up Your PC for Gaming As Cheaply as Possible

Gaming can be very demanding on the resources of your PC and therefore you need to get the most out of your system. Follow these steps to improve the performance of your current setup and then if you still aren’t seeing the results you want, you may need to look at upgrading individual components. Cover the Bases If you have done minimal maintenance on your PC you may find there are some straightforward issues which are affecting its speed, but ones which can be easily fixed. This basic checklist of ways to speed up your computer is a good place to start. One factor that can have a detrimental impact …

Steps to Follow to Keep Your Laptop Save From Liquid Damage

Steps to Follow to Keep Your Laptop Save From Liquid Damage

What if you suddenly, have spilled the water, soda, coffee, wine, tea or any other liquid on your laptop, then suddenly you would rush to the laptop water damage repair, but I would suggest you to go through the below mentioned tips before you actually run for the experts to make done the task for you. Step 1- As the very first step, you need to immediately turn off the laptop. In case, adaptor is connected, then remove it and separate the battery as well. If you miss the step, then possibly, liquid touches the laptop’s circuits and it will short out.  Then, even laptop repair would not worth it. …

Signs that indicate its The Time to Repair or Replace iMac

Signs that indicate its The Time to Repair or Replace iMac

Apple hardware lasts for longer time and this is not a new thing as the huge number of people is aware of the same. But, a time comes when due to some reasons you need to get done with MacBook repair as the usefulness changes to the obsolete. This is a clear indication to change the iMac, but still you have any doubt in mind, then diffidently go through the below mentioned signs that would surely indicate you that with the right time to iMac repair or replace the iMac. Are Your Applications Getting Slower? With the passing time, the software applications are getting bigger plus more demanding. In Case, …

Fixing Some Common PC Emergencies

Fixing Some Common PC Emergencies

In today’s time, one’s PC is not that essential as the smartphone, but still it does many important works for you. So, the importance of having a proper working computer is quite high. So, when you are having any PC emergency, then being in tension or looking for PC repair is a quite obvious thing to do. Here mentioned are some common PC emergencies and the ideas how you can fix them as well. Broken Laptop screen- Immediate step to take, when you came to know your laptop’s screen is damaged is the crack just to the screen. Incase, the damage is restricted to visual crack, then the computer can …

Warning Signs That Your System Is Virus Infected

Warning Signs That Your System Is Virus Infected

Today number of people has increased dramatically who are using theinternet quite often and this gives the opportunity for the cyber criminals so that they can take advantage of our systems. We are more dependent to the online environment, so we immediately rush for computer repair, in case, any of the unwanted things happens to PC, but, sometimes, this would be because of malware growth and which is there because of the cyber criminals. Here given are the common indications that would tell you that the system is malware infected and so necessity is to get done with virus removals. Common Indications For Virus Infected Systems System Slower Down- This …

When Your MacBook Is Not Performing at it's best And Needs A Fix

When Your MacBook Is Not Performing at it’s best And Needs A Fix

Many of us use Mac quite a lot of time as it is helpful to make done many tasks. The best part in using the same is that we needn’t to spend hours in MacBook repair or making deals with the driver updates or making fix the issues that might be there due to bloat ware. Sometimes, the possibility is there that things would go wrong and then you lift with the option MAC repair. You can also try few ways so can resolve the issues. When Your Macbook Won’t Start Up- How Can Fix The Issue This is most annoying condition when MAC is not working and it is …

This Is the Right Time To Replace The Battery

This Is the Right Time To Replace The Battery

Batteries of the phone or laptops don’t last forever. They used to get charged for a cycle. Using the battery would degrade with the time and slowly you would have less battery life. Eventually you need to go for the tablet repair, where the expert would ask you for the change the battery of the device. This might also possible, you would have to buy a new device with new battery if ignored the issue for a longer period of time. Working of the Battery Decreased over Time – The battery of a laptop or tablet or any of the devices never suddenly changes to bad from good. When you make …

Some Common MacBook Issues and How To Fix Them

Some Common MacBook Issues and How To Fix Them

This is the maximum number of people believe that mac is perfect and in case, you would have one, then definitely would not encounter with any of the problems. This is just a myth and nothing else, which you would never require MacBook repair and it makes life easy with OS X because here given is the list of some common problems that is generally there with MacBooks. Cracking or Breaking Top Cover – White or black MacBooks having very common cosmetic problem which is there when you open and close the MacBook. The problem is there because when you open the MacBook then the little raisers present there hit that …

Indications that You Need Laptop Repairs

Indications that You Need Laptop Repairs

Laptops today are designed so that very less damage happens to them, but still, there are some unfortunate situations when possibly you need to get done with the laptop repair. There are some of these problems that can be undone at home on your own and there should be limited to the software issues. Possibly you would not, but if you are familiar with the hardware, then problems related to that can also be undone. So, better regularly, you have taken a look to the laptop and make doing the laptop repair work at the very first sign of a problem there. Physical Damage – Mainly, the physical damage like …

Why Your Next Computer Should Be a Mac

Why Your Next Computer Should Be a Mac

Here are no doubts that one need to choose the mac over a PC and the major thing behind the reason is mac running OS X. That is the reason you would feel more productive and reason for your happiness. And the best part is having Mac is good value for money although the cost of the mac is not that less, but still it would keep you safe from the hassle of PC repair again and again. These are the reason to justify your decision. Enjoy Predictions- Anyone who has gone through the indignity is considered as Kernel Panic and so considered as the Macs are not bullet proof. …