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Opera Bug

An Opera bug was disclosed Thursday by Vupen Security. “We believe that the bug primarily causes a crash, and that exploiting the vulnerability to execute code is extremely difficult, if not impossible,” said an Opera spokesman. “In our testing, DEP mitigates the problem and should protect the system,” he added. DEP stands for data execution prevention and it […] is not turned on by default according to the article at The Register. The article includes a link to Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users to protect themselves from the bug.

Opera 10.50 for Windows

The ‘fastest web browser for Windows’ is now available with Opera 10.50 according to Lars Boilesen of Opera. The chief executive said, “Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser in almost all speed tests. But, more important than any speed test is the real-world speed during use. We designed Opera 10.50 to be easy to use, while making our unique features stand out, so you can get more out of the Web.”

Malware Lab’s Rogue Gallery

The Rogue Gallery “The Rogue Gallery, powered by the Malware Labs at Lavasoft, is a resource dedicated to keeping computer users safe from rogue security software. By providing a comprehensive database of current rogue security applications, you have the ability to clearly see what programs are considered rogue – and avoid them. Navigate the Rogue Gallery by displaying the latest threats or by searching for specific programs, listed in alphabetical order. Use the “Submit a Rogue” link to quickly and easily send any suspicious programs directly to Malware Labs to be analyzed.”

25 Million Strains of Malware Identified in 2009

“More than 25 million new strains of malware were created last year, says PandaLabs. According to the security vendor’s Annual Malware Report, the number of new versions of malware identified has topped the 15 million identified throughout the company’s 20-year history.” This is extremely big number and it keeps growing rapidly. This means all cleanup programs must work longer and scan for more and more spyware each year. This big number includes spyware, malware and other bad stuff that can infect you computer. After infection it can spread to other computer devices, other laptops via many ways. One of them is email, others – USB or memory stick, external hard …

Why “Prey” can help you recover your stolen laptop

Every day we read in the news about laptops getting stolen, sometimes from the backs of cars or from under seats in coffee shops, maybe from hotel rooms and even from inside our homes, anywhere in fact. Laptops are valuable, not so much even for the technology they carry but because they tend to contain a lot of personal details. We all know the hassle and worry that can come if someone steals our identity. Getting the laptop back is not so straightforward. Realistically, once it has gone from your sights you’re highly unlikely to ever see it again, unless of course you have “Prey”. Prey is a free open …

Browsing Under an Invisible Cloak – Here’s How You Do It

Perhaps the worst part of the Internet is that it has a pretty good and really long memory; it remembers what you did and said, long after you and many others have forgotten. And when you’re least expecting it, those random tidbits of information that you thought were forgotten and buried in the past come back to haunt you because your hard drive decided to store something that you thought you had deleted. Now, there’s a way to browse the net without storing any information of your session on your hard drive, and this means you don’t have to clean your disk and clear your history and cache every time …

Vista Guardian Virus Removal

Vista Guardian is one of the latest fake anti-viruses to cross the internet and infect on computers around the world. Our staff has categorized this as Malware and will be happy to assist in removing it. Vista Guardian is a Virus Vista Guardian is one of the latest fake anti-viruses to cross the internet and infect on computers around the world. This is a malicious malware virus and can cause you to have numerous issues such as: Hijacking of .exe files wont open so you can not run normal programs Disabling of internet Constant pop-ups This is a serious virus and the longer it sits on your computer, the more …

Don’t Fall for Software Gimmicks

Don’t end up spending up to £50 on something that isn’t going to work, learn why Support Nerds is the smart choice and guaranteed choice for your PC. We can solve many issues that software can’t even notice. A lot of times when your searching for ways to remove a virus, you will get bombarded with tons of software saying they can fix your issues. If you have gotten a malware virus, chances are the software is not even going to install properly and your gonna be out of pocket £19-£50 trying to take a shortcut. Most of the programs offered are extremely inferior and developed by amateur programmers so …

Anti-Virus 2010 Vista Removal

Anti-virus 2010 Vista (Shown in picture) is a virus itself. It is not anti-virus software and is classified as malware and can be hazardous to your PC. The virus infects deep into the registry and in some instances has been found to root kit itself into system files. Removal of this virus is very difficult and the longer it is on your PC the more difficult it will become till it eventually corrupts your system. In tests we have found this virus bypasses the following security programs: AVG, Trend Micro, McAfee, and Norton. ANTI-VIRUS 2010 VISTA = VERY NASTY MALWARE VIRUS Anti-virus 2010 Vista (Shown in picture) is a virus …

Your XP/Vista/7 Installation CD / DVD is Important

When we get users whose Computer don’t boot up and need a computer operating system repair, not having your windows CD or DVD can be an issue in some cases. Some customers were only have recovery CD / DVD from the company they bought the Computer from, this can be a problem when trying to safe personal data. THE DIFFERENCE – OPERATING SYSTEM CD / DVD AND RECOVERY CD / DVD? Operating System CD/DVD An operating system CD or DVD is a disk that contains the installations files for installing an operating system. It can be windows XP, Vista, or 7. This is the best CD/DVD to have for critical …