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Most vulnerable programs for hacker attacks in 2014

We have statistics which shows most vulnerable programs for this year. Between them we can find Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office. Experts say that Microsoft Internet Explorer get more security updates than others, but as you can see from graphics it still has plenty work to do. IE11 updates released much more often than in previous years. What about web browser plugins? In this case Adobe flash player is the winner. Last year hackers found vulnerabilities in each adobe flash version released. This year situation is a bit better, but flash still needs to release security updates. This year most …

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How to repair desktop computer by yourself

Desktop Computer For all the good that desktop computers have done to make our lives much easier, it can be incredibly frustrating when they break-down and encounter apparently random troubles all too often. And thinking about the complexity of computers and the dozens of different software application installed on them, it can look like a difficult task to begin troubleshooting the desktop computer problem and fixing them. Some of the calls we getting All of the sudden when I start my desktop computer, it beeps three times and then starts up, however the screen does not display anything. It never ever used to beep during the launch, and I have …

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Laptop repair – do it yourself or call an engineer

Laptop repairing is a serious business. Almost everyone owns a laptop. New high specs laptops can cost a substantial amount of money. What does this mean? Everyone want’s to save, so people don’t want to spend too much on new equipment. If something breaks, they will look for other options. Learning how to repair laptops can earn and save you a lot of money. Even if you don’t want to get into it professionally you can still save a lot of money by repairing your own or you family’s laptops. What qualifications do you need? Basically none, but it’s good to already know your way around computers and the internet. …

Computer repair in 80’s

Believe it or not, your terrifically quick Core i7 fresh off Intel’s production line contains DNA that goes back over 3 years. The exact same holds true if you roll with AMD’s newest silicon, the Phenom II X4. We’re obviously referring to the longstanding x86 microprocessor architecture that has dominated the desktop and mobile scene considering that prior to some of you were even born, and will most likely be a pillar still yet for many more years to come. Compare this to most current 8 processors working at 5000 MHz very same time. Even modern-day phones now have four CPu’s working at 2000Mhz! Computer repair was extremely simple these …

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – ultrabook or tablet computer?

The Microsoft Surface area Pro 3 is a Surface area series Windows 8 tablet computer created by Microsoft. It was revealed on May 2014, at a The big apple City event, and the initial models are planned to be launched on June 2014 in america and Canada. Microsoft revealed the Surface area Pro 3 computer with a 12 inch 2160×1440 screen, powered by an Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor. It possesses a boosted, multi stage kickstand and a battery powered Bluetooth stylus pen. Regardless of its hardware, makings it efficient in running all x86 Home windows programs, the Surface area Pro 3 is still thought about a computer system tablet computer …

Facts about computer repair

The most frequently expert equipment issues on computer computer system are energy supply 6 %; hard disk drive 5 %; video card 4 %. The subjects below are some essentials required for computer repair work. In this video Carey takes a dead HP computer and shows you the cheapest and easiest way to reliably repair it. See more of Carey’s video’s   Your computer is your very own home and there is no doubt that you require your computer system very much these days as the demand of this is really felt greater than anything else. It is also actual that you might be taking excellent care of your device …