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Security Shield 2011 Rogueware


Security Shield 2011 is the latest fake anti spyware program. With the help of trojan, fake various websites and spam emails it pretends to be anti spyware program that can get rid of variuos”viruses” from your computer. Once installed it will display false system security warnings and then will prompt you to buy a “full” version of this program to remove threats that don’t even exist. Do not buy anything and do not follow any links Security shield suggest!  Malware does not have the ability to detect nor remove threats. Not only is Security Shield 2011 incapable detecting or removing malware/spyweare, it can harm your system by editing registry entries. Security Shield 2011 can redirect your browser to misleading web pages that sell the program. Ignore all notifications and offers but use decent anti-spyware application and get rid of the parasite as soon as possible. If you are advanced computer user you can fix this problem by yourself. In other case do not attend to fix it. The best decision is to turn your computer off and call a computer engineer.