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Unified Cloud Services (UCS)

Bringing you safely into the Cloud

Our unified Cloud services are designed to bring your business safely into the Cloud: with public cloud access, private password-protected Cloud areas, and the ability to add local devices to your system as you please. We make your Cloud usage safe across the board – and we make it simple, too, with an easy to use common desktop for everyone in your organisation.

Making your business better – simply

It’s easy when you know how. As one of the leading IT services in London, we’ve developed a unified cloud desktop that simplifies everything your business needs to do. Now your employees can access all of your business critical software solutions, and all of your company files, using the same desktop no matter where they are or what device they are using. In essence, you get to use a single product to do everything you need to do. What could be simpler than that?

Bringing it all together

Our unified Cloud service enables you to tie up all of your existing software requirements in a single, easy to use interface. That means protecting any apps and software solutions you already use for your business, and unifying them with one user name and password per employee. Say goodbye to managing multiple passwords and security issues, and welcome in the new order: a Cloud that works, simply and effectively.

Private and public access

It’s up to you whether you protect your whole Cloud solution with user names and passwords, or if you choose to keep some areas public. For the end user, the experience is the same: our customised Cloud desktop, with access to all of the apps and software solutions he or she needs. Our secure Cloud solutions are strongly encrypted and protected by a range of secondary security authentications. Plus we encrypt all of your communications, whether your Cloud is publically or privately accessible.

Enhance your existing IT

As one of the top IT services London has to offer, we’re conscious we have a reputation to keep up. That’s why we go the extra mile when it comes to creating a unified Cloud that can power up your existing IT in unique ways. Use our simple desktop interface to create and distribute meaningful reports; and access calendar and role-related news items through a social media-style communications engine.

One command centre, infinite users

You control the command centre that runs your unified Cloud solution. That means you get to send role-relevant and even person-relevant information to the desktop interface of specific users. You control who sees what, and when – delivering relevant news, dates and deadlines to the people and departments who need to see them. You can even shunt useful websites and apps directly into the desktop environment of employees whose work would benefit from them.

Unified Cloud, controlled budget

There are financial benefits to using our unified Cloud solutions, too. By streamlining all of your software requirements into a safe Cloud environment, you reduce the need to monitor software licenses and upgrade hardware. When our hardware is upgraded to enhance the performance of the Cloud, you get the benefits for free.