5 Laptop Maintenance Mistakes that can kill Your Hardware Lifespan

Do you know all PCs fail eventually and they have a limited lifespan? If yes, then what is your regular laptop or pc maintenance routine? Several people don’t follow any maintenance routine for their system, face various internal and external difficulties, spend high amount of money on pc or laptop repair. But don’t worry you can avoid such types of costs in your case by being little aware towards common pc maintenance mistakes. Here we will discuss some most common computer maintenance mistakes that can kill the lifespan of your hardware.

1) Heat is the fastest way to degrade a laptop’s battery. That’s why try to keep your laptop within the recommended operating temperatures of your battery.

2) Don’t charge your laptop 100% all time and keep it plugged in most of the time.

3) Avoid fully discharge of the battery

By avoiding above mistakes you can give your system and its hardware long life.