Advantages and Disadvantages of having windows 8

You may have already know about and seen Windows 8, but how does it stand compared to windows 7?

Computer Repair will show you raw facts and differences between the two operating sytems created by Microsoft.



The first things you will notice is the new Start Screen which looks like the home screen of windows phones and tablets,many people prefer the windows 7 over 8 in this case.


Windows 8 is inferior to windows 7 in terms of security and protection of your pc. The newest windows comes with a built in anti-virus which you can download from the web for free. This is good news for the consumers, but not so much for creators of other security software.



Windows 8 has integrated faster hybrid boot which speeds up the proccess of turning on your PC. There have been many dicussions whether which windows system is better, the windows 8 has not-so-likeable start screen and weird new buttons and unwanted fuctions, whether the windows 7 is more old school and is more like windows XP.


Computer Repair Ltd suggests to check the pros. and cons. of each system and choose the one to your liking. Just don’t install Vista.