All About Skype Scams and Malware

If you have been scammed on Skype you know there are people who are just desperate enough to ruin your day. If done correctly you can stop these scammers from abusing the internet.
Computer Repair suggests that you report and block those scammers to pusnish them and do a favour for other people as they will get banned from skype eventually. If you had been victimized you can as for help from skype customer support by clicking on the following link:
To protect yourself from Skype scams and malware we suggest avoiding the most famous ones:
1. Click fraud that imitates a legitimate user.
2. The infamous lol is this your new profile pic?’
3. Trojan virus where you unintentionally download and install this to your computer by clicking on links.
4. “Skype Toolbar for Outlook” email attachment which installs spyware on your computer.
5. “Skype Security Center” is a spam message used in phishing information.
6. Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud and other Lottery scams asking you for money.
7. “Army Officer in Afghanistan” famous scam that says they are a member of the Armed Forces.
Computer Repair London suggests to follow these steps to avoid getting scammed:
If you get any calls from people you don’t know it is best not to answer them or just drop the call and DO NOT follow their instructions. Just think of a reason why someone who doesn’t know you would call or message you and asks to follow instructions/steps.
Do not open any links or emails you don’t recognise from people who you don’t trust. Remember that people who you trust can have a virus and send malware and dangerous viruses to you without them knowing.
Protect yourself using a good antivirus to protect you from scams, malware, trojan horses etc. Computer Repair suggests using “Kaspersky Antivirus 2013”.
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