Asus FX series gaming laptop hard drive replacement and upgrade to SSD

We have received an online computer repair enquiry from Asus gamin laptop owner. She was playing the game and the computer just freezed. No reaction from keyboard or mouse whatsoever. She even tried Ctrl+alt+del key combination with no luck. The only way was to turn off the laptop holding down turn on button for 6 seconds. Unfortunately this didn’t help to solve the problem. After restart the laptop went to the blue screen with no boot device error.

One of our computer repair engineers came to the customer in West London and checked the problem. Looked like there was a temporary problem with the hard drive because of overheating. The HDD hardware was ok, but the glitch has caused windows to malfunction and Asus FX series laptop could not start properly and went to the blue screen loop on every system start.

We had two options on how to fix this. First option was just to reinstall windows and the second option was to replace existing hard drive to the solid-state drive. Viktorija has chosen to increase laptop performance and replace the standard hard drive with up to 20x faster solid state drive.

Our engineer replaced hard drive with 500 GB vey fast solid state disk drive. The clean copy of Windows 10 was installed, all drivers updated, free antivirus installed and wifi printer connected. Data from old hard drive was copied to the new SSD drive.

The customer was very satisfied with the result. It took around two hours with data transfer and the computer was much faster than it was before. We are always very happy to receive a positive review from our customer which you can check below.

If you have a boot or blue screen problem with your laptop computer in Greater London or Essex you can always call us to schedule a visit or book a home visit here.


Asus Hdd Replacement And Ssd Upgrade Review