Be Careful of Tune up Programs

With a good number of cleanup and tune up programs available throughout the internet, it is important to be careful what you download and run on your computer…

In today’s market, there are tons of free “Cleanup Programs” out there. How do you know which ones are legit and which one’s really work?

That is a tough question because we have tested various ones.We have found that majority of these registry and system cleaners can do more harm then they do help. Some of them have even been found to have spy-ware built into them. The only one we have found to work well is ccleaner, which is designed by Piriform. This product is a great program to do a quick cleanup on your system. So when surfing the web for a free alternative, be careful, because you might just make your Computer worse than it was before or compromise your PC to more spy-ware and viruses.

But be aware this program just cleans up your computer from files you don’t need any more (cashe and temporary data). It does not remove any viruses or spyware.