Bogus iPad Offer on Facebook

Sophos has posted an article about a fake offer regarding the upcoming gadget from Apple, the iPad. The team behind the spam sets up a Facebook page where it encourages a user to become a fan of its page. Then, it encourage the user’s friends to become fans of the page by letting the user invite
them via a handy button. When a user do this process, it would supposedly increase his or her chances of being accepted for the iPad’s “Research Team”.
After all of those things occur, the next step shows a page that looks like an official Apple webpage. However, a pop-up survey would show up right after.
The pop-up survey includes a form to fill in a user’s contact information and it is trying to sign up the user for a premium rate cellphone service that charge approximately $10 a week.
This Facebook page was disabled very promptly after the author of the article Graham Cluley alerted Facebook’s security team.
Scams like these also happen on other social media sites such as Twitter. Five screenshots are included in the article. They show the Facebook page, a user’s invite form, the survey, the twitter post, and the webpage that users would see after clicking on the twitter post.