Browser Test – Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox

A few years ago browsers were essentially limited to the function just display text and images from the net, now they have developed into an indispensable all-rounders. Word processing, video streaming, video telephony, data storage, image editing – now they form the gateway to the world of infinite possibilities. Instead of locally installed software take over more and more web services. But which browser you drive the most? Computer repair London presents the three most important.


Microsoft Internet Explorer v 10

The latest version of Internet Explorer passes Real-check. The new browser version is able to store the dusty image of the “old” Internet Explorer for good. With Flash support in Windows 8, Microsoft is pursuing a reasonable approach: In order to take advantage of Flash on the move, at the same time restricts Microsoft possible disadvantages. In terms of speed the IE10 is build on the success of its predecessor respect for a place on the podium but it’s not enough. But they make visible progress in the development of new embedding Internet standards.


Mozilla Firefox v 23

Firefox 23 does not offer the something very new compare to his predecessor, but provides minor improvements. Impressive is especially the speed boost of the Mozilla browser. King Chrome must be careful not to get it caught up. The Circumcision of the menu may be annoying for some, but the thing Mozilla has right – no JavaScript. There are better options to adjust the loading behavior of the browser. For Facebook Fans the new Share button might be worth a look.


Google Chrome v 29

Even with the new version of Google’s browser defended his pole position as the fastest browser. Chrome 29 pushes on the gas again in terms of pace and so resists the attack of Firefox 23 off effortlessly. Experimental users are pleased with the reset button. Problems that result from incorrect settings can be resolved with just a few clicks. With WebRTC, web audio and VP9 developers can fully use the multimedia capabilities of the browser.


Browser speed

You are looking for the fastest browser? Then come around Chrome. Google browser on the competition beats all others. Microsoft surprised with success in SunSpider test, compared with all other benchmark tools, however, clearly leads Chrome. The Mozilla browser seemed a long time with the position of the runners to have resigned, but with the new Translator technology from Firefox 18 dare the developers to attack. The measurable performance gains turns Firefox 23 on right track. But the Google team knows how to fight back. Chrome 29 accelerates again properly and leaves the competition far behind.



Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox: With any of the tested browser you are not doing something wrong, because the differences are in the details. You value the very latest web technologies? Then you should take a look at Firefox or Chrome. In terms of speed of Google’s browser is the undisputed leader. When adaptability is due to numerous add-ons of Firefox at the top again. You want to install the browser with the largest user base? Take the Internet Explorer! And if you can not decide, you easily install two or more browsers and compare them.