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Computer Repair – Why does my Computer Crash at Random Times?


Everyone knows the importance of computer and laptop in present life. There are several tasks that be done fast and efficiently by the help of these systems. This is the reason; computers can be seen easily in public as well as in private places.  But, pc repair costs are raised due to the more use of computers at all places.

If you want to avoid the costs of computer repair then you have to give it proper care and service time to time. However, even after proper care you may face some problems in the system like random crash which is annoying and difficult to diagnose. You cannot find right solution for any problem without knowing the actual reason. So if you are facing crashing problem in the system then first you should know what is the main reason which is creating this problem? Here are some reasons that can create a crash problem in your system.

  • Bad Memory or Motherboard: Several crashes which particularly results in a (BSOD) Blue Screen of Death, occur due a motherboard or memory issue. This problem can result in a “Fatal Exception Error”, which means data that must be stored in memory could not be retrieved.
  • Registry Corrupt: A corrupted Windows registry can also create crash problem and may prevent system from booting properly. But don’t worry; it can be fixed by Quality registry software. This way you can easily avoid computer repair cost that you may have to pay to diagnose your crashed system.
  • Corrupt Drivers: If you know the work of drivers then you can easily understand how they can create this problem. Drivers advise hardware what to do. So when they will not work properly can cause crashes, even if your system’s hardware is in perfect condition.
  • Hardware Conflicts: You may face a crash problem in the system if Windows is receiving conflicting information from different pieces of hardware. However, it is not always harmful to the system but is one of the common reasons of computer crash or freeze.
  • Virus: As you know a Trojan or virus can create serious problems in a PC. It can corrupt or remove drivers, important system files, or can change administrative settings. All of these changes can create unexpected crashes in your system.
  • Overheating and Power issues: These are also two main reasons of computer or laptop crash. System components are sensitive to heat. Excessive heat can create permanent damage to your system that’s why hardware will shut itself down before that point is reached.

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