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Reliable, friendly computer repairs in North London. From Finsbury Park to Cockfosters and from Ally Pally to Chalk Farm, our computer repairs North London offer fast, reliable service to small business owners and home computer users. We can often diagnose and fix your problem over the phone, using our bespoke remote access program: and if we need to attend your home or business premises in person, we normally arrive within the hour. Call Us if you need your laptop or PC up and running again fast. THE COMPUTER REPAIRS NORTH LONDON SERVICE THAT COMES TO YOU Our computer repairs North London service operates with a difference: we either fix your computer or laptop remotely, or we come straight out to your premises and fix the issue there and then. In 99% of cases, our accredited technicians can diagnose your problem over the phone, and we nearly always have your machine back in business on the same day. If we do need to take your machine away for further diagnosis, or to order and install new parts, we’ll keep you up to date on progress every step of the way. Most takeaway repairs are back with you within 24 hours of our original visit, unless we have to wait for parts to be delivered. THE LAPTOP REPAIR NORTH LONDON SERVICE THAT COVERS ALL THE BASES Laptop screen too dim? Power pack failing? Don’t despair, and don’t rush out to replace your machine. Our laptop repair North London service replaces all commonly failing pieces of laptop hardware, and our technicians are familiar with all widely used machines – including Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and HP. You can find a full list of machines we’re accredited for at the top of this page. SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR There’s more to your PC or laptop than circuit boards and screens. Many PC and laptop failures are caused by corrupted or faulty software – sometimes because important updates haven’t been installed, and sometimes because the software itself has developed a bug or won’t talk to other software on your system. Our PC repair North London service includes full diagnosis and repair of all common software problems – and with a team of talented technicians accredited by all the major software companies, your equipment couldn’t be in better hands. Have a look at the bottom of this page for a list of the software companies that endorse our services: you’ll see some of the most popular and widely used names in the world. PCREPAIR NORTH LONDON – FOR BUSINESS AND HOME USERS Our PC repair North London service is designed to get home and business users back on track in less than 24 hours. In the majority of cases, we can fix your PC remotely (see above) – and if our technicians need to come to your home, they’ll nearly always complete your repair on the same day. Call us or get in touch for more information. LAPTOP REPAIRS NORTH LONDON YOU CAN TRUST All of our laptop repairs North London are carried out by qualified technicians with years of experience diagnosing and fixing all the major brands of portable computer. We diagnose and repair both software and hardware problems, and also advise on future maintenance to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again. Our technicians work right in front of you, unless they have to take your machine away for a more complex diagnosis or to order new parts for you – and if we do have to remove your laptop, we’ll keep in close contact with you until the repair is complete. And we’ll never, ever buy and install any components without your express permission. ADVICE AND MAINTENANCE Our computer repair North London service offers more than just quick fixes. We’re here to make sure your computing experience gives you the quality, enjoyment and reliability you deserve. Our team of computer repair North London technicians is here to advise you on the equipment that suits your needs, the software that’ll make it work best and the upgrades or networking options that will give you the biggest computing bang for your buck. Give us a ring  for a free software and hardware audit, or email us to discuss your specific requirements. There’s no obligation to use our services, and no obligation to take our recommendations if you don’t want to. RETRIEVING YOUR VITAL INFORMATION Sometimes, a laptop or PC problem goes beyond failed hardware or corrupted software. If your machine hasn’t been backed up recently, your important files and information are in danger. Don’t worry. Our technicians are trained to use a bespoke Linux operating system, which we install temporarily on a faulty machine so we can retrieve your vital information before we do a system restore. BACKING UP YOUR SYSTEM Our computer repair North London service is here to help. That’s why we offer a full maintenance package, including backup. Our technicians will put a backup in place, for your PC, laptop or network – an automatic schedule that keeps your important information safe day in, day out, for the whole year round. Talk to us about backup and maintenance today, and make sure that your personal files or business information stay protected. You can speak to us on the phone or drop us an email at COMPUTER REPAIR NORTH LONDON COVERAGE We operate in every North London postal code – from N1 to N22. We’re your local computer repair service: quick, reliable and friendly. For every computer repair North London need, you know who to call. Computer Repair Ltd is here to help.