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Cost effective computer repairs east London. Take advantage of our callout and remote support based computer repairs east London, and never get stuck with long downtime periods again. If we can’t fix your computer or laptop on the spot, we’ll whisk it off to our London repair centre for a full diagnosis and fix. And with our courteous, prompt technicians working on your problem round the clock, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on. WE BELIEVE IN TRANSPARENCY Our computer repair east London service is based on speed and transparency. We won’t keep you in the dark about what’s wrong with your computer, or how long it will take us to fix it. Not only will we always inform you if we need to buy in parts to repair your machine: we’ll also tell you exactly how much any hardware replacements will cost, and how long they will take to source and install. WE BELIEVE IN MAKING THINGS EASY We don’t see why you should have to wait for your computer to be fixed: and we don’t want to make you pay for a commercial premises either. That’s why we don’t rent one. Our computer repairs east London are carried out on the spot by qualified technicians. If we can’t fix your machine there and then, we’ll recommend removal and repair at your technician’s’ private address. That way, the price you pay is only for time and hardware, and never for hidden extras like premises rental. WE BELIEVE IN GETTING YOU BACK IN ACTION QUICKLY Our computer repair east London service is built with you in mind: your convenience, and your reliance on the computer hardware and software you use to run your business, or store yourpersonal files and documents. Wherever possible, we’ll fix your PC or laptop using remote access – so you don’t even have to wait for us to turn up. Just call us on 020 3444 0086 and tell us what’s wrong: we’ll diagnose 99% of problems on the phone, and have you up and running again in no time. MAINTENANCE AND ADVICE FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS OR HOME NETWORK We don’t just repair computers – we’re also here to offer accredited maintenance services for small business and home networks. Call us on 020 3444 0086, or email for information on setting up new networks, maintaining existing networks, or making sure your laptops and PCs run as smoothly and quickly as possible for as long as they can. LAPTOP REPAIRS EAST LONDON Call our laptop repairs east London service on 020 3444 0086 for all common laptop fixes. We replace broken screens, replace broken keyboards and replace lost keys. We also replace touch pads, graphics cards and power supplies, and can fix or swap out damaged motherboards. Don’t worry if your personal data hasn’t been backed up: we can usually get that off a broken laptop before we do a system restore (see below). DATA RETRIEVAL AND BACKUP Our computer repair east London service offers a full data retrieval and backup service – from getting your important data off a dead machine to setting up and maintaining a regular backup and data maintenance service. Call us on 020 3444 0086 to talk about the data backup needs of your small company or home computer system. If your laptop or PC has died with important data trapped on it, let us know. Our emergency data retrieval team will install a temporary operating system on your machine, get your data out and onto a removable storage device, and then restore the system to its factory state. All quotes for data retrieval and backup are free and carry no obligation. For a quote, you can call on the number above, or email PC REPAIRS EAST LONDON Our PC repairs east London service offers the same complete package: phone diagnosis in 99% of cases, remote access and repair, and attendance at your premises where necessary. If we need to remove your PC for further diagnosis and parts replacement, or detailed system restoration, we’ll keep you informed on our progress until the machine is back with you. In most cases, we return machines within 24 hours – though we may occasionally have to wait longer if we have to order parts. We’ll never order anything without consulting you first. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CALL OUR COMPUTER REPAIR EAST LONDON SERVICE? When you call our computer repair east London service, we’ll start by diagnosing your problem over the phone. This is possible in 99% of cases, and we can often repair your machine or system remotely using a bespoke online program. With your permission, we access the desktop of your affected machine or machines from our own desks, and carry out the repair there and then. If your machine or system needs personal attendance, we’ll send a technician round immediately. In the majority of cases, we attend within one hour of receiving your phone call. Your technician will solve most software issues on the spot, and also carries a wide range of common hardware replacements (such as motherboards and laptop screens). If your machine needs a more detailed repair or diagnosis, we’ll take it away and complete the repair in our own workshops. Because we don’t rent commercial premises for this purpose, we’re able to keep our prices low. Computer collection is free for all east London residents. HOW MUCH DOES OUR COMPUTER REPAIR EAST LONDON SERVICE COST? Our computer repair east London prices are kept low thanks to our unique business model. Because we do most of our repairs remotely, or at your home or place of business, we’re able to charge you for the work without charging you for the rent and upkeep of a business premises of our own. A simple diagnosis and repair can cost as little as £30. All prices are quoted before we commence work on your machine or network. Call us today on 020 3444 0086 for a quote, or for more information.