Dell XPS p56f fan cleaning

The customer sent us an enquiry about laptop cleaning services for Dell XPS high specs laptop. It was heavily used for three years and wasn’t clean for this period. The laptop started to heat up even on the light use. Customer used a special system with multiple systems on the laptop including MAC system. The Dell laptop was heating a lot in these conditions and needed to be cleaned.

Because of the dust fans started to make a loud noise this was one of the issues why the customer called us to perform laptop cleanup.

Computer repair engineer came to customers home in South East London SE3 area and checked the laptop. The computer was overheating a lot and needed urgent clean to keep it working stable and without danger to damage hardware components.

After disassembly engineer found a lot of dust in the fans. After cleaning the fans, engineer changed a thermal paste to the new one as the old thermal paste was completely dry because of overheating.

Laptop cleaning took around one hour. After cleaning the laptop was a lot quieter and cooler. Even when the multiple systems were loaded laptop was quiet and much cooler than before. The customer was adviced not to use any covers for the keyboard and bottom part covers for the dell laptop as this can prevent good ventilation and cause much higher laptop heating.

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