Fixing Some Common PC Emergencies

In today’s time, one’s PC is not that essential as the smartphone, but still it does many important works for you. So, the importance of having a proper working computer is quite high. So, when you are having any PC emergency, then being in tension or looking for PC repair is a quite obvious thing to do. Here mentioned are some common PC emergencies and the ideas how you can fix them as well.

Broken Laptop screen- Immediate step to take, when you came to know your laptop’s screen is damaged is the crack just to the screen. Incase, the damage is restricted to visual crack, then the computer can be used normally, but if you can’t see anything, then try plugging another monitor into your laptop and check whether it works with that or not. If it is fine, then it has simply screen problem that can be changed easily. Laptop screen repair

Deleting Important Files– There are two types of important files, one is your personal data or another is a system supporting files. If by mistake, you have deleted the important files or it is vanished due to malware, crashed system or anti-virus program then in place of going for desktop computer repair as can be done easily at home. Firstly, open up the Windows explorer and type the file name into the search box that you have deleted mistakenly as sometimes, we haven’t deleted it actually but moved it to another folder. If it is not there in search, then look in the recycle bin folder and in case, you have habit of shift+ delete, then can get back the file with deleted file recovery tool so that you can reclaim the lost data. Even windows create automatic backup for the files and checking the file history would help you get back that as well.

Liquid damage to your PC- This is a quite common issue happens to many people. Liquid can damage the electronics because of presence of minerals, salt and possibly you have to get done with PC repair, if something immediately not done to fix the issue. As very first thing, immediately shut down your PC as the free flowing electricity may be the reason or the damage of the circuits. Remove the battery so that would be in powerless state. Before starting the desktop computer repair, remove all cables, media circuits, components and other drives and turn them upside down so excess liquid would be cleared. Mop the parts using a lint free cloth where possibly liquid can travel. When you feel it is dried, then using the blow dryer make sure you dry every part of the PC. If the liquid is sticky, then extra care is required to make sure, PC is free from stickiness.Once, all problems are sorted, wait for two days to make it completely dry and assemble the PC. Liquid damage repairs