High street shops charging way too much for laptop repairs

Recently consumer group Which did an investigation about laptop repair services in high street retailers. Result was a bit shocking as they revealed that high street retail shop charge three times more for repairs!computer repair London

They initiated simple fault in 24 Windows and Mac laptops. Error prevented laptops from starting up properly. They took faulty computers to Knowhow, Apple genius bars, Geek squad repair and to other independent repair centres.

Results were disappointing. Only half of the laptops were repaired successfully. After a one and a half year they did it again, to find out that only 40 percent laptop were repaired with fees ranging from free to £170.

Repair prices were surprising. Nine of 24 laptops was approximately charged £86 each. Most costly repair was around £200 for simple hard drive replacement.

Good news for Apple users that this year they fixed four laptops for free. Other 2 was “unrepairable” by Apple specialist as they did not have proper replacement part for them. Interesting was that these part was not needed for repairs …

Results shows that your computer repair depends only from person behind the counter. If you lucky, your repair bill can be reduced significantly.

Consumer group were disappointed by Apple  communication with customer. They completely ignored  attempts to contact company. Other participant expressed  means to improve they repair services.

According to investigation most of high street repair companies need to train their staff and review pricing strategies for laptop repair services.