How to Fix or Repair My Computer from Crashing When Playing Games

How many hours you play games in your laptop or computer? Do you face a strange phenomena while play game in your system? Such as system randomly crash or reboot for no apparent reason. This type of problem occurs when you play 3D games that required lots of PC resources, because these games will stretch your computer’s abilities.

However, system crashing problem may be happen due to several other reasons like hardware confliction, bad ram, wrong BIOS settings, Hard disk drives, Viruses, Power supply problems and Overheating etc. If you have this problem due to overheating, then it can be resolved easily by yourself without the help of an expert.

How to recognize the problem with computer overheating

If your computer starts without any problem and works perfectly when you do regular work like word processing, internet browsing etc. but suddenly reboots and crashes without any warning in the middle of the game. This means your system has the overheating problem.

Why does computer crash only when playing games?

The main reason why your system crashes only while playing games is 3D games stretch  the resources of a computer much more than the normal tasks like internet browsing and word processing. Typically, your system can be run at a fraction of its actual capacity. But 3D games compel resources of your computer mainly the CPU to run close at 100%. When your system will run at its 100% capacity, it will generate a lot heat; find it un-able to cope with the stress and crash down.

How to fix computer problems related to overheating