HP TouchSmart 50 All-in-one PC fan cleaning

We had a task to clean all-in-one HP TouchSmart Desktop computer fans as the PC was overheating a lot. After turning on – the computer could work only for few to several minutes before switching off by itself.

The customer could not do anything with the computer and called Us for help. One of our engineers came to Wanstead E11 area and cleaned HP desktop computer on-site. It took around one hour to clean all the fans and replace paste on the cooling system.

The problem was that the computer wasn’t clean for 6-7 years. As you can see from the pictures the dust clogged the fan completely. Overheating triggered another problem – CPU cooling paste was completely dry.

After opening HP TouchSmart computer engineer cleaned all fans and computer inside from dust, removed the old paste and applied a new, much better paste on the CPU fan.

We always check temperatures afterward. It was significantly lower than before. Prior to cleaning the temperature was around 70-90 degrees and that was very dangerous to all PC systems including CPU. After cleaning temperatures dropped to 29-40 degrees on high loads!

If your desktop PC or All-in-one computer hasn’t been cleaned for a long time or it just turns off not long after switching on – give us a call or book home PC cleaning engineer’s visit online. We can come to Wanstead area in London and clean your desktop PC.