Laptop Screen Repair Tips – Before You Call a Laptop Repair Technician

Laptops become more famous over computers from last several years due to their unique features. Today’s, everyone wants to buy a good company’s laptop at reasonable price. However, after the purchase most of the people forget about maintenance tips, face various problems and spend high amount of money at repair services. But you should remember, all system problems don’t require a visit to laptop repair shop. There are several problems and issues that can be fixed at home, at least for a time being. Afterward, you can visit a repair shop to avoid any serious problem. Here we will discuss some laptop screen repair tips that you can apply before calling the technician.

Well, first you need to understand the common screen issues before applying any type of tips. There are two common variations of defective screens.

  1. Screens with faulty backlight.
  2. Screens with faulty image display.

The first one issue may occur due to a loose or bad cable, non-functioning backlight CCFL bulb, defective inverter or lack of power supply from the motherboard to an inverter.

The second one issue may occur due to several reasons like having faulty video card, bad motherboard, loose cables or having a faulty screen. In this situation you will see the screen with a distorted image. You can solve this problem easily by installing a new screen. But remember, always pull out the laptop battery and unplug AC adapter during the screen installation. This is necessary to reset the video card to presume the new screen.

Laptop Screen Repair Tips

1) Don’t call a technician before ensuring the screen problem is serious and cannot be handled without his help. Thereby, first try to determine the reason and level of screen problem.

2) If you have noticed a flickering image problem then don’t take it to a repair shop for screen replacement. Several times, this problem occurs due to inverter which supplies power, not because of screen. By replacing inverter you can solve this problem easily.


3) If your laptop screen is lit, but displaying only white color then the reason of problem may be bad connection between the display and board. Check the connection and tighten it if it is loose. Replace it if it is damaged.

4) If facing the problem of faint display, then you should go to power option and should select proper brightness level, or play with the laptop’s backlight switch until required level of brightness, is not achieved.

Laptops are one of the most important daily using things of your life. Consequently always give them proper care to avoid all types of problems, to avoid laptop repair costs and to use them smoothly for a long time.

If you don’t know how to open you laptop screen or think you can do more harm than good, call laptop screen repair specialist instead.