iMAC repairs

iMac on the blink? Don’t freak out just yet. Call our iMac repair team. We’ll diagnose, fix, and return your iMac in double-quick time. And we mean double-quick. We do all iMac repairs in-house, so you don’t have to wait for us to send your machine off to a third-party location.


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But wait: doesn’t that mean we’re not using approved Apple replacement parts? Not at all. We use the same quality parts you’d get if you sent your iMac to Apple via courier. Only we fit them in our own shop, for a price that reflects what the parts actually cost. Not what they’ve got printed on the box. And because we pick up and drop off your iMac ourselves, we don’t have to charge you extra for shipping and handling.

You could say we do exactly the same iMac repairs as the branded alternative. Only we do them faster, cheaper, and more conveniently. We like to think of it as our own little stroke of genius’.

Our iMac repair service is secure, too. As in, really secure. We require all of our engineers to sign their own non-disclosure agreements. And that means your iMac is fixed by a qualified Mac engineer who has made themselves personally responsible for the security of your data.

Our iMac repairs are available to anyone who lives in London. And we mean all of London. Our callout area stops where the M25 starts. You could live in Watford or Wembley. Chigwell or Chertsey. Or you could be right in the centre, with a view of Regent’s Park. Wherever you live, we’ll pick up your Mac and fix it. Usually on the same day.


The iMac is a modern-day success story. When the iMac G3 was launched in 1998, it turned around Apple’s fortunes, and re-launched the company as a brand committed to design and user experience. Succeeded by the G4 in 2002, the G5 in 2004, and the Intel iMac in 2006, it has become the standard for desktop computing experiences: an all-in-one, super-sleek powerhouse of a machine that can literally be plugged in and learned by anyone familiar with computers.

But when it goes wrong, it goes badly wrong. And there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Home iMac repair is possible, but extremely inadvisable due to the specialised nature of the work. To get inside the shell, and find your way to the relevant parts, is work for an expert.

Fortunately, we’re experts. And our iMac repair service is quick, convenient, and competitively priced. So when yours starts playing up, don’t throw it out. Call us.

iMac repair that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our iMac repair service is priced to reflect the work we do, and the replacement parts we use. And that’s it. We don’t charge you for haulage to a central repair shop, because we don’t send your Mac to a central repair shop. And that means two things. First, we get your iMac back to you quicker than you’d get it if you used a branded Apple repair solution. And second, our carbon footprint is cut right down to the bare essentials. We pick your Mac up from your home, place of business, or wherever you want. We fix it. And we bring it back to you.

We’ll pick your iMac up from anywhere. Really anywhere.

Can’t wait in for our engineer to turn up? Got the builders in, and can’t stand the noise? No problem. If it’s more convenient for you to unplug your iMac and wait for us in a bar, we’ll come to the bar. And if you want to drop the machine off at one of our local iMac repair shops, that’s fine too. You tell us where, you tell us when. We’ll be there.

Service agreement expired? No problem.

iMacs generally outlast their service agreements. Which is great. Until they go wrong, of course. Then it’s awful. If your iMac is in need of attention and your Apple Care has run out, we’re who you call. Our experienced Mac engineers can diagnose and fix any iMac issue that can be fixed. Hardware or software, simple or tricky, we’ve never met a problem we couldn’t sort out. And if we do find that your machine is beyond economical repair, we’ll stop work and tell you immediately. So you’ll never pay for more than we actually did.

We know and love all iMacs.

Our Mac engineers are familiar with every model of iMac, from the G4 to the Intel. We know what common issues affect each one, and we know how to make them better. So whether you’ve got the spinning rainbow-wheel of doom or files that won’t behave, our iMac repair team can almost certainly make the problem go away.

Data retrieval. The easy way.

If your iMac repair issue is to do with lost data, you’re probably panicking right now. Don’t. Our engineers can retrieve some or all lost data from most affected Macs. And if we can’t repair your partitions, we’ll get rid of your hard drive securely.

iMac backups. For when you can’t lose anything.

If you’ve been burned by data loss, you’ll know the importance of backing up. Our iMac repair service engineers will help you to set up a regular, routine backup, which runs without you having to do a thing. And if you have problems with your existing setup, we can sort those too. So next time your AirPort Time Capsule stops speaking to your BT box, don’t chuck it out the window. Get in touch with us instead.

Software. Hardware. iMac repair that covers everything.

Often, your iMac repair solution could be a simple software fix, or a neat bit of network engineering. And if it’s a known issue, we’ll solve it for a fixed price. If it’s not, our engineers are likely to find it and sort it quicker than most. And they’ll do it on an hourly rate that can’t be beaten. We know, because we check it against the competition every week. For the best-priced, quickest iMac repair service in London, we’re the people you talk to.