Mac HARD DRIVE replacement

Fast. Convenient. Simple. That’s our MacBook Pro hard drive replacement service. If your data disk dies, don’t assume your laptop has just turned into a hunk of useless metal. Call us, and we’ll solve the problem.


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Mac HARD DRIVE replacement

Whether it means taking your existing drive out and putting in a new one, or repairing the drive you’ve already got.

Our Mac HDD repair service is carried out by experienced professionals. We know Macs inside out and back to front. Our specialist team of Mac engineers will quickly diagnose your data problem, and can often complete a repair on the spot. In fact, 90% of Mac issues are resolved by our engineers on the day the problem is reported.

You can bring your MacBook to us, or we’ll come to you. Our engineers can be called out to your place of business, or your home, whenever you need them. And we do mean whenever. Evenings, weekends—no problem. If your hard dive goes down at an unsociable hour, we’ll get the kettle on and get it sorted.

Lost your data? Don’t worry. Our MacBook Pro hard drive replacement service can be augmented by our fast, efficient data recovery service. In the majority of cases, we’re able to extract all or part of your data from a corrupt or faulty hard drive. So before you kick yourself for not backing up those vital files, call our MacBook hard drive repair team and find out what we can do.


When the hard drive goes on your MacBook, it can feel like the end of the world. Particularly if you haven’t backed up your files, or stored your data in iCloud. But it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Our Mac HDD repair team is fully trained in diagnosing and repairing HDD issues with all Macs, and can determine whether you need an Apple MacBook Pro hard drive replacement or a simple fix. Plus we can retrieve most or all of your lost data, in a large percentage of cases. And we do it all securely.

What’s the cost to replace MacBook Pro hard drive modules?

Replacing the hard drive on your MacBook pro is considerably cheaper than buying a whole new MacBook. And of course, you may not need to do a MacBook hard drive replacement. The true nature of your problem will be identified by our engineers, and a course of action recommended.

MacBook Pro hard drive replacement, or hard drive replacement for any model of MacBook, is a known issue that can be resolved for a fixed price. And we only charge you for the work we do, plus the cost of the replacement hard drive. So you save more money when you book your Mac HDD repair through us.

MacBook Pro hard drive repair. As secure as a vault in Fort Knox.

When we’re repairing your hard drive, we don’t want to know what you’ve been looking at, or what’s in your files. So we don’t look. And even if we did come across something by accident, you’d be covered by a non-disclosure agreement, which all of our engineers are required to sign if you would like them to.

If your machine’s HDD is too far gone to save, and we can’t perform a MacBook Pro hard drive repair, our engineers follow a secure routine for disposal. And we do all of this for every client, whether you’re a business or a private user, and whether you call us from home while you’re trying to get the kids’ tea on, or from the office just hours before a vital meeting.

Mac HDD repair. By people who understand your life.

Most Mac users use their machine for everything. Your work laptop probably has your music library stored on it. Your home iMac might well be stuffed with important accounts files and temporary work documents. Our Mac HDD repair engineers understand how Macs work, but they also understand how the people who use them work. So you won’t be surprised to find out that you can call us out to do a MacBook Pro hard drive replacement, or a MacBook hard drive repair, whenever you like. If the situation’s urgent, we’ll do everything in our power to sort it before it turns into a disaster.

MacBook hard drive replacement cost you can’t beat.

Seriously. We know, because we’ve tried. You won’t find a better MacBook hard drive replacement cost,for a comparable service, anywhere in London. We constantly match our prices against the competition. And we know we’re better value for money than a branded MacBook hard drive replacement option. We do all MacBook Pro hard drive repair in-house, in one of our ever-expanding list of local shops. And we only charge you for two things: the replacement hard drive, and the work.

The same Mac HDD repair. Just better.

When we do a Mac HDD repair, we use the same quality parts as a branded solution. And we put a year’s guarantee on every new part we fit. So you get a MacBook that works, for a fraction of the price. Plus, we get your machine back to you on time. Nearly all Mac HDD repair jobs are completed on the same day, by engineers who’ll pick up your machine in the morning and deliver it back to you in the afternoon. So you could be watching your favourite Netflix show, or finishing off that new track, by teatime.

MacBook Pro hard drive repair. And then some.

We don’t just do MacBook Pro hard drive repair. We do everything. All models of MacBook, all known and unknown problems. If it’s a MacBook, and it isn’t working properly, our team of Mac experts can diagnose and fix it as quickly as anyone in the industry. And we offer a range of Mac backup services too, including networking and support. It’s like having your very own Genius Bar. Only you don’t have to queue. Or wait for an appointment to come free. Or haul your computer across town to get it fixed. We’re your personalised, on-call IT department. And when you need us, we’re there.