MSI Dominator powerful gaming laptop fan cleaning

Customer contacted us on Facebook with enquiry about gaming laptop cleaning. This was really powerful and expensive MSI Dominator series gaming laptop and customer was not sure if we will be able to clean it without any damage to the hardware. As we have professional computer repair engineer with lot’s of experience we were sure that everything will be fine and no hardware will be damage in the cleaning process.

One of our engineers came to Chafford Hundred and checked the initial CPU and GPU temperature. It was really high and the laptop itself was really hot. And it was without any game or programs running!

After laptop disassembly, it was found that in a few years dust has clogged the fans and the air could not flow to the cooling system properly.

After fan dust cleanup, computer repair engineer found that the paste was really dry because of constant overheating. The cooling paste was removed and replaced with the new one.

After laptop cleaning, engineer checked the temperature and it was just 36-40 degrees on idle and just 60-70 when playing 4K games! The MSI cleaning helped to stay laptop much cooler than before.

If you like your MSI gaming laptop cleaning in London or Chafford Hundred just visit our laptop fan cleaning page and schedule a visit online.