Computer is TOO SLOW

My computer keeps running slow and when I start it up my desktop takes forever to load. What can it be?

My computer runs slow, takes forever to start up of shut down and will even just shut itself off!?

What can I do to make my computer run faster it is running slow it takes forever for the internet to come up?


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My computer runs really slow and sometimes I can’t even get into my mail and it takes forever to find the sites?
My computer takes forever to start, runs slow and keeps saying, warning unresponsive script.

Sounds familiar? Computers become slow during the time. Corrupt old and redundant files quickly build up in the computer. This causes computer to be slow, sluggish and causes crashes, system errors and serious slowdowns when you need your PC the most. It is the biggest annoyance when you need to wait for computer to go through the simple task. Often this happens to older PC’s but this can happen to new computers too.

Windows PC slowdowns when each program or application is installed. When you use word, surfing the internet or just playing a games, your computer’s hard drive gets filled up with temporary files. When you use Internet Explorer all your browsing history and other downloaded data remains in your computer. Even when Windows program is installed and uninstalled, it leaves some files behind, that can cause your computer to be slow.

Slow internet connection is synonym to slow computer for most Mac users. Because for every job they do – from web surfing to checking emails, requires internet connection. Very often increase in internet speed can cause your Mac to run much faster.

One of most probable cause for slow computer could be viruses, spyware, Trojans and other adware. Almost all free programs downloaded from internet and installed to your Mac or Windows computer goes with adware. Instead of one program you want, you get lots of unnecessary “cleaners” and “optimisers” you never heard of. They run every time your Pc runs and suggest to buy them to clean up your computer. When you have few of them, your computer take ages to load and run simple program.

Our professional computer engineer can clean up your Mac or Windows computer. We will come to your home and office and clean all temporary files, spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses out of your computer. Computer clean up takes about an hour and costs just £40. Get rid of unwanted files now. Don’t wait until your computer will fill up with junk and will stop responding. Use our computer technician booking form or call us. Book before 12am and we will be able to clean your PC same day.