Printer, keyboard or mouse DOESN’T WORK

Problem with peripherals can happen suddenly. Yesterday your printer, mouse or keyboard was working fine, you turn your computer on today and boom – no printer, mouse or keyboard at all.


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In most cases this problem can be caused by driver issue. First of all try to connect your faulty hardware to another USB port. Sometimes this helps to repair minor faults.

In few cases problem can be with faulty hardware. If none of your peripherals connected through USB are not working, this is probable motherboard fault.

If you have wi-fi printer and it is not working, this can caused by wrong drivers or wrong wi-fi router configuration.

Our computer repair technicians can visit your office or home and test your computer peripherals and wireless printers for faults. In most cases we can resolve these problems within an hour. If there is more serious problem with your hardware, we can collect your faulty computer and return it repaired. Engineer will be able to tell you an exact price after few tests. It is easy to book an appointment – just call us or us our online booking system.