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Proper Laptop Care the Best Solution to Avoid Laptop Repairs Costs


Different people buy laptops for different reasons. Many of them face various problems in their systems after 1 or 2 years of purchase. Reason, they don’t follow system care instructions of manufacturer or don’t know how to take care of their laptop. There are several things that should really be done for the care of lapi and to avoid high laptop repair costs.  Here we will discuss some care tips for laptops that will help you to understand why proper care is the best solution to avoid high repair costs.

  • Battery care: Many people plugged in their laptop all time. But this is not a right habit. Use your battery and don’t plug in your charger all time. When you need battery only then plug in your charger. It will keep your battery functioning properly. Use a cooling pad to increase battery life.
  • Be careful about the spills: Different types of spills can harm your whole system badly. That’s why you need to aware about them all time. Avoid tea, water, cold drink and other spills while using your system or drink them in a distance.
  • Right carrying case: Laptops are mainly purchased due to their easy to carry feature. People take their laptops from home to office and from office to home. If you are also one of them then find a right carrying case, backpack, or shoulder bag (especially designed for a laptop)  to avoid any cracks.
  • Dust is the big enemy: Always protect your laptop from dust and direct sun light. It will help you to use your system smoothly for long time and to avoid laptops repair costs. Dust can clog fans and even vents that will cause your laptop to heat up significantly.
  • Protect the screen: If you have the habit of holding papers between the screen and keyboard then leave it as soon as possible. It can scratch your screen. Also avoid putting heavy books or any other material on your laptop. It can also cause serious screen breakage.
  • Dusting and Cleaning: Proper dusting and cleaning is very compulsory for all types of laptops. Use a soft cloth and quality cleaner for the cleaning.
  • Remove useless files: Keep an eye on all data of your system and remove useless files or software regularly. Also remove duplicate files or data to make your system run smoothly.
  • Antivirus: Update important systems files regularly and install a strong antivirus in your system to protect it from different types of malwares and virus.

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