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Remote Computer Repair – 5 Remote Connectivity Problems and How to Prevent them


Everyone knows the importance of remote computer repair or support services. As you know it works with the remote desktop connection by the help of internet. Sometimes you may face connectivity problems while using the remote services. Well, here we will discuss top 5 remote desktop connectivity problems and some way to prevent them.

  • Network failure: Failure of the underlying network is one of the most common problems of remote computer support services. If you want to check the connectivity, then try to plug a laptop into the network port from where user is facing problem. But you will need to remember that testing remote desktop connectivity by this way will work only if you will allow ICMP packets by your network firewalls. If the user (who is facing problem) is connected remotely by a (VPN) or Terminal Services Gateway then remote desktop might not be working due to a problem with the user’s machine, the VPN or gateway, or your remote desktop infrastructure.
  • Firewall problems: It is another common remote desktop connectivity problem, but easy to resolve as compared to first one. To avoid this problem, you will need to ensure that the port of your remote desktop software uses is open on all firewalls i.e. between the client computers and the server they connect to.
  • SSL certificate problems: Very few people know that the Security certificates can also create remote desktop connectivity issues. Most of the VDI products use SSL encryption for the users who access VDI sessions outside the network perimeter. But, SSL encryption requires certificates, so it creates two problems – first client computers must need to trust the certificate authority of the remote desktops. Secondly, client computer must also be able to verify the certificate that the server is using. The verification process can break down if the certificate has expired or if the certificate name doesn’t match to the name that the server is using. So always make sure your certificates are up to date.
  • Network-level authentication: Network-level authentication is important in remote desktop connection to prevent connection problems later in the session. The basic idea behind this authentication is that the session host must authenticate the user before it can create a session.
  • Capacity exceeded: You can also face the remote desktop connectivity problem if you exceeds the infrastructure’s capacity. When you will run out of the virtual desktops or VDI licenses, surely will face a connectivity issue. You can avoid this problem with just a little pre-planning and by keeping your SSL certificates updated.

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