Some Common MacBook Issues and How To Fix Them

This is the maximum number of people believe that mac is perfect and in case, you would have one, then definitely would not encounter with any of the problems. This is just a myth and nothing else, which you would never require MacBook repair and it makes life easy with OS X because here given is the list of some common problems that is generally there with MacBooks.

Cracking or Breaking Top Cover – White or black MacBooks having very common cosmetic problem which is there when you open and close the MacBook. The problem is there because when you open the MacBook then the little raisers present there hit that cover and hitting again and again results in permanent damage and splinter off at the edges. Then, you need to go for the Mac air repairs, as this is a cosmetic issue and doesn’t include in the warranty or covered under the accidental damage as well. You don’t leave with an option other than replacement of top case.

Stuck CD and DVD – This is a quite common issue with iMacs and Apple laptops that the CD or DVD drives stuck CD. This is quite irritating without the manual ejector tray. Then, you need to make done the MacBook repair, but before going to store for the task you need to find out these: Is DVD physically stuck? Or possibly OS X holds onto it and not allowing comes out. At the time, if force is used, then won’t recognize and you need to restart your computer. After hearing the Chime, Hold down the track pad button at the time your Mac starts and this would eject the DVD.

Super Drive Falling – Having a stuck disc is not just the one issue for what you need to find out iMac repair, but along with that they break inside even in some cases. In case, your disc stuck in there and won’t come out until the time drive trying to eject the same. When you are in this situation, then in place of trying something foolish, on your own, better go to store for certified repair work done. If the warranty is still there on your Mac, then get that for the work done. Also, for further problem free experience make sure, you haven’t inserted the small CDs or DVD to the MacBook.