Sony Vaio laptop Hard drive replacement

The customer contacted us because of the hard drive issue with the old Sony laptop. There was the message with smart protection and it meant that it can be imminent hard drive failure. The laptop work was slowing down constantly for some time and now it was working really slow.

One of our engineers came to the East London E16 area and checked what the problem is. The hard drive replacement was required to save important data and ensure proper laptop work. We have suggested improving laptop speed and stability by replacing hard drive with the fast Solid State Drive.

The customer agreed to have a bit more expensive, but much faster drive installed. Computer repair engineer backed up all the important data from the old Sony Vaio laptop hard drive. A new SSD drive was installed. It took around half an hour to install it. Genuine original Windows 7 was installed and drivers upgraded. The whole process took around two hours.

Even this old Sony laptop was much faster than before. Especially with Windows 7 and a solid state drive, this laptop became really fast.

If you experience SMART hard drive issue in your laptop or just want to upgrade your hard drive to a fast SSD you can read more info or book an engineer in London here.