Steps to Follow to Keep Your Laptop Save From Liquid Damage

What if you suddenly, have spilled the water, soda, coffee, wine, tea or any other liquid on your laptop, then suddenly you would rush to the laptop water damage repair, but I would suggest you to go through the below mentioned tips before you actually run for the experts to make done the task for you.

Step 1– As the very first step, you need to immediately turn off the laptop. In case, adaptor is connected, then remove it and separate the battery as well. If you miss the step, then possibly, liquid touches the laptop’s circuits and it will short out.  Then, even laptop repair would not worth it.

Step 2- As a next step, unplug the wireless card and mouse and keep the laptop turned upside down, so, the liquid would not go deep into the laptop.

Step 3– Take a clean, dry cloth and try to wipe put maximum liquid possible. Remove the easily removable keyboard or try to pour the liquid there on keyboard enclosure.

Step 4- When liquid spilled, then possibly the static electricity would be the reason for laptop damage. Need to ground yourself otherwise you need to rush to laptop repair due to damage done because of electrostatic discharge.

Step 5- After wiping the liquid with the towel, you have to use a fresh lint free cloth for removing non- water stains. Make use the vacuum cleaner for the task. If you have missed the step, then possibly go for laptop water damage repair because of damage done to the circuit boards.

Step 6- In case, the liquid that spilled on laptop is not water, and then it should be rinsed clean. To rinse your machine, you need to make a decision that whether that is water soluble or not. For water soluble stains, use deionised water and if it is other than that then rinse with alcohol.

Step 7- Leave the laptop to dry properly. As you can either let the laptop dry naturally. It might take 1-2 days for machine to dry completely. When the laptop is drying, then place the battery in uncooked rice. Another way to clean is to dry with light heat. Use the proper amount of lights to keep the machine moisture free.

Step 8-Finally clean with the cotton cloth and reassemble the parts. In case, it is still not working, then visiting the experts would be a good idea.