Enhance consumer experience with our killer apps

Put your brand in the hand with a killer app. Modern consumers experience your brand on multiple devices, and expect to interact with you in different ways depending on where they are and what they’re doing. App development is simple, cost effective and alluring – putting consumer engagement right where you want it.
Imagine your consumer is in the neighbourhood. If he or she has downloaded your app to his or her smartphone, you could be engaging him or her with real time offers based on geographical location. Or you could brand something as simple as an addictive game.

Our expertise. Your brand visibility.

Computer repair enhanced IT services packages for brand promotions include expert design consultancy, talented development and seamless integration. Talk to your design team about your brand and your business: we’ll come back to you with some brilliant ideas for turning what you do into a branded app. Our designers will suggest high impact areas for app creation – mobile phone games, for example – and ways in which your brand can be imprinted on the end product. By combining your logo and company colours with something as simple as a retro game experience, we’ll put you front and centre during your customer’s leisure time.

App development for ecommerce

Your app doesn’t have to be a game: it could be a product finder, a virtual stylist, even an augmented reality (AR) application designed to help consumers get more out of their shopping experience in your bricks and mortar store. The key to ecommerce app development is to integrate the consumer’s use of a smart device with his or her engagement with your products and services. Our app designers have developed a variety of unique app-driven shopping experiences for brands with diverse markets and product lists.

What is augmented reality?

AR is becoming increasingly popular for customer-facing businesses. It’s a way of getting your consumer to combine real world actions with virtual product engagement. Our app designers use AR to give your audience extra information about your products and services when they encounter them in the real world: for example, by developing an estate agency app that allows potential buyers or renters to scan a Quick Recognition (QR) code. The code takes them to a microsite where they can virtually tour the property they have seen. AR is perfect for any business that has a product or service to sell.

Turning your consumers into brand evangelists

A consumer is someone who buys your products or services. A brand evangelist is a person who freely promotes you to other people. App design is an extremely effective way to do this: create an addictive app, your consumer shares it with his or her friends, and you’ve got a whole new audience. Our app designers create games, AR tools and mobile website enhancements that look great, feel great and – most importantly of all for an app – have your consumers coming back time and time again.