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Ian C
10:02 04 Oct 23
Left my mac book pro in as a key started playing up. Tried to fix myself but damaged things even more. These things are very delicate it seems.The team replaced my whole keyboard for a 1/4 of the price quoted by rip off Apple. This was recalled apparently but now they wont fix free.The EU have “some” uses with pushing USB-C and all electrical devices having easy changeable batteries again !! 2027 i believe.Keyboard working great.Need a new battery but the team arent happy with the ones they are getting from suppliers.Will pop in and get a new battery when they are happy with the replacements.No issues recommending.
Abdulloh Sharif
19:29 13 Sep 23
Man the best service. I got fixed my acer laptop hinge. He fixed it perfectly and gave 1 year warranty. Additionally he fixed my laptop's wi-fi cable next to the hinge with no change in price. Highly recommend. Additionally, he has the most reasonable price and best service in London, in my opinion. He is very friendly, nice person as well.Huge thanks my brother, please keep what you are doing.
17:02 16 Aug 23
I had an issue with my laptop's fan and took it to computer repair Ltd for repair. They did an outstanding job fixing the problem, and I was really impressed with their expertise and professionalism. Not only did they replace the fan effectively, but when another issue cropped up later, they promptly addressed it as well. Their dedication to quality service truly stands out. I highly recommend this shop for any computer repair needs. 5 stars without a doubt!
Yasmin Pierre
17:02 28 Jul 23
Second time i’ve used them for my macbook screen replacement (i’m very clumsy). Quick, professional and affordable. thanks again!
Brian Amorim Cabaço
14:50 25 Jul 23
Terrific customer service! I brought in my Huawei Matebook 14 which had a defective usb-c charging port and broken hinge. Repairs were carried out in one day and at a fraction of the price quoted by competitor repair shops and the laptop manufacturer. Would recommend to all my friends and family!
Touseef Hussain
18:06 01 Jul 23
A five-star experience in every aspect. Reliable, fast, customer centric, and affordable.Mr. Lee was honest and polite. I got my laptop repaired within no time. Highly recommended for expedited repair and maintenance services for IT assets.
Mark Reavil
13:32 15 Jun 23
These guys know their stuff. After finding out my Dell XPS 15 doesn't drink tea, resulting in multiply system failures, it was fixed and is now fully working. Thank you
Andrew Horton
09:04 31 May 23
I took a Macbook Air following a tea spill (!!) and a noisy PS4. These guys are friendly, awesome, do great work and good value. They did extra work on the Air to make sure all the liquid damage was taken care of, and the PS4 is now super super quiet. To be honest I think it is quieter than when we first bought it... I totally recommend these guys. I travelled from Angel because of the good reviews, and don't regret it.
Daniel McEwan
13:59 19 Apr 23
Fantastic service on a unique repair on a unique device. Very knowledgable, very helpful, and repaired within a week for a great price. Highly recommended, would happily use their services again.
Izv yak
17:49 25 Jan 23
The previous Saturday, he brought the laptop to be cleaned and replaced with thermal paste. After a few days I am writing a review, the laptop has started to work more quietly and heats up much less. This is despite the fact that I have seen the entire cleaning process and can be sure that this service does not lie to people
Sherif Mahmoud
17:57 21 Dec 22
Doesn’t matter how far, come here!. I spent a month trying to find a solution for my custom built gaming pc. Many pc repair shops near me told me to buy new hardware and charged me for diagnosis then that still didn’t solve my problems. Here I gave my pc to them and no lie, in 24 hours I had my pc back and working. Fantastic service.
Goldman Jiao
13:03 17 Dec 22
Professional service with free diagnosis, Linas replaced and recovered data from the HDD for much cheaper than local repair shops. Extremely worth it to travel to get the service provided over local shops that do a much worse job and for much more money!
Celinde Schoenmaker
22:24 17 Nov 22
Threw a cup of coffee over two MacBooks , and they fixed both of them within the day! Believe the reviews. Quick, honest pricing, and they even checked in to see if all was running smoothly which it was. Highly, highly recommend !
14:16 02 Sep 22
Excellent service, easy to communicate with, explained the issue with my graphics card and what would need to be done and gave an accurate quote. Graphics card was repaired and fully functioning when i got it back. From speaking to the technician he seems experienced and provides an effective and honest service. Confident to use this service again if i need it.
13:23 09 Jul 22
I dropped my Laptop in to Linas as Windows wouldn't load.I was contacted a couple of days later to say it could be the Drive but then having checked the Drive Linas said it was the GPU.He sourced a new GPU and even brought the repaired and cleaned Laptop round to my house. A week later, the Laptop is running better than ever. Good communication and very reasonable prices!
ABC Maintenance London
09:40 23 Jun 22
My laptop keyboard stopped working and it was fixed in 2 days and now everything is working. I am more than happy with the communication, swift service and not expensive at all! I will definitely recommend!
Elena Ferrante
10:05 21 Jun 22
After being told from apple that the repair was £400 I thought I had to throw it in the bin and buy a new one! Kind, quick and efficient! Thank you very much I finally can use my laptop again
Gabriel-Alexandru Ionescu
07:31 30 Oct 21
Responsible and dedicated to this business, a person capable of not only giving the correct verdict, but also of charging you a reasonable price! Drilled thanks to Linas' (Lee's) assistance, and 5 stars.
Joao Vong
12:45 20 Oct 21
My laptop suffered from BSoD to the point where I couldn't installed windows. Tried to resolve it myself with new M.2 drive & RAM but did not solve the issue.Initial call made on Thursday, spoke to Linas. I told him what the problem was and what I've tried to resolve so far. Unable to diagnose over the phone so agree to bring the laptop to him the following day.Friday, called again before heading out and gave Linas an ETA. When I got to South Woodford station, the premises was fairly easy to find ( Assuming you got out at the correct side of the station). However, there was no one in there. Shortly after, Linas came in and greeted me. I repeated what I said on the phone again. I I left my laptop with him and he took my details on the system. Shortly after, I received an email to confirm to service request.Saturday Mid-day, I received a call from Linas. He told me he had finished the diagnostic on the laptop and return with good news and bad news. He explained the findings and suggest possible courses of action. He also gave me reasonable quotes of the repair depends on the option I choose.Initially I've ask Linas to replace the faulty part as I don't want to lose any performance of my laptop. However, I have changed my mind over the weekend and settle with a limited but functioning CPU.After using the Laptop for a couple of days. CPU doesn't seems to limit/affect the software I use.From my observasion, Linas was pofessional, knowledgable and friendly. They've definintely earned my recommendation.
Safaa Ahmed
16:09 05 Oct 21
They were very quick, it took less than a week. They completely repaired my laptop's damaged motherboard and cleaned it. It looks brand new. It works just as good as it did when I got it. Thank you so much for your help!
Wattsinho 31
11:11 05 Oct 21
Took my laptop to these guys at 4.30pm on a Monday afternoon as I had a number of sticky/faulty keys on my MacBook Pro. Lee diagnosed the problem immediately. The keyboard was cleaned, faulty keys replaced and the laptop delivered back to me at home at 9am the next morning. Can't recommend Lee and these guys enough.
Alexander Prince
17:59 13 Sep 21
Computer Repair LTD is absolutely amazing. Lee successfully diagnosed and repaired my PC within a matter of hours. This company is very professional and their customer service is excellent.Lee is a very talented individual and very skilled at his work, and can resolve even the most challenging problems.I can confidently say that Computer Repair LTD is one of the very best computer repair companies in London, and I would highly recommend them ????
Ola Miarka
08:19 19 Jul 21
A month before my final submissions at university, my hard drive failed. I thought that I lost all my files. Lee replaced the faulty hard drive, recovered the files and upgraded my laptop in no time. Very professional service and experienced, skilled specialists. I highly recommend it!
Philip Brough
21:14 29 Jun 21
Dropped my laptop on its end with charger attached, which rammed the charging jack into the case, also damaged end casing. 8 years old? Worth replacing or fixing? Being an i7, with SSD & touchscreen, nearest new replacement £700+. Got a very reasonable quote for repair - new jack was fitted, and almost invisible repair on the end casing; this came in at 1/10th of a new laptop, and was completed in a couple of days. I'm well happy with that! Thank you very much.
Jo Smith
08:47 10 Jan 21
This place is brilliant. I had a CPU problem which most places said was unfixable. So I thought I was down £300. I dropped my PC to Lee at 10:30am and had it back at home and fixed by 1:30pm the same day. And it cost me £60. Lee is a guy who knows what he is doing, charges a fair price and gets it done quickly. Don't make the mistake of going somewhere else.
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Quality. Value. Whoever you are.

Here at Visteco, we believe that quality and value should come as standard: no matter how big or small you are. That’s why our London IT support services are delivered on a completely bespoke basis. We give you the support you need, when you need it, at a price that fits with your size and your budget. Unlike some IT services, which force you to sign up for things you don’t need, we’ll only ever charge you for the support and servicing you actually used, when you used it.

IT support that grows with your business

Our IT support London services are scaled to grow with your business – giving you the flexibility to manage your IT and communications without overreaching on budget. From small business responsiveness to enterprise class robustness, our services give you what you need: reliability, great backup and the space to work. Most of our London IT support can be done remotely, too, so you don’t end up paying for callouts.

We can be what you want us to be

A full IT department? A backup service, performing those annoyingly time-consuming tasks your own IT department spends so much of the day on? A full service monitoring and maintenance partner? Visteco IT services are as flexible and as unique as your business. We can take up the slack for busy IT departments, provide expert backup for smaller companies or run your entire operation from hardware purchasing to future planning and regular maintenance. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest. Or talk to us about an IT audit, for no obligations recommendations for the service level that suits you best.

We’re more than just an IT support company

Uniquely for a London IT support service, we also operate a full-time brand promotions department. Our IT support London team is augmented by designers, analysts, developers and content creators, bringing you a full search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing package. Again, you can choose as much or as little as you like, or ask us for a no obligations consultation on your current online marketing approach.

We respect your budget

From on-target search engine marketing (SEM) to Cloud storage and server monitoring, we always provide the service that fits best with your budget. That doesn’t mean that we cut corners – far from it. We use our years in the IT support business to source the hardware and software that does what you need it to for the money you have available to spend. You’ll never find any nasty surprises in our invoices. Sign up for planned maintenance contracts to receive discounts on the annual costs of your London IT support services.

We’re part of your business

You can’t provide the kind of hands-on service we do without getting to know your clients. You’ll find us friendly, approachable and always on hand to answer your questions or deal with your problems. Your dedicated IT support manager is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and your IT support team works just like another part of your business. Think of us as your colleagues: we do.

Why outsourced business computer support makes sense

Business computer support can be a costly enterprise. Firms that employ in-house IT departments often find that they are wasting large sums of money paying annual salaries to people that don’t do a years’ work – it is, after all, an unlucky business that requires computer support on a daily basis. With the credit crunch still very much biting, there’s a rise in outsourced business computer support: IT work contracted to outside companies, who come in as required and charge only for work done.
Almost all businesses are completely reliant on the computer. Networks hold all of their information; servers store years’ worth of vital business files and documents. Intranets allow information to be passed freely and quickly among employees and paperless document storage allows instant traceability, accountability and archiving. Until it goes wrong, as computers do – in which case, without the help of outsourced business computer support, a company is suddenly in deep trouble.
The thing about computers is – they are very fragile. Their programs and processes wind down such convoluted avenues that even the newest and most powerful (actually, the most powerful are often the most vulnerable) inevitably contract some kind of trouble. In a business environment, particularly a small business environment, that kind of trouble can quickly become disaster.
It’s not economically viable for a small business to retain an IT staff. Nor is it wise for them to operate without the safety net of some kind of computer department. The outsourced business computer support team offers the perfect solution: expert advice or hands-on assistance where it is needed, without maintenance costs and expensive salaries.
An out of house business computer support team works in exactly the same way as an IT department – with one major difference. IT departments, like all company employees, are prone to being grumpy and lazy. Outsourced business computer support teams, freed from the dual burdens of routine and office politics, are energetic, cheerful and coherent. Find a business computer support team outside of your own company – a business computer support team, in other words, whose livelihood is based on actually getting stuff done – and you’ll be amazed at how well they explain to you what is being done, and why. The traditional obscurity of the inhouse IT department, who often seem to regard themselves as wizards or orcs, privy to secrets that mere mortal will never understand, is being driven extinct by the energy and friendliness of the outsourced business computer support company.
Computer Repair Ltd, a London-based provider of business computer support, is quickly developing a reputation as one of the leading lights of this new guard of IT wizardry. Computer Repair Ltd run a full contract business computer support package, offering their expertise on everything from purchasing and installing new PCs to indentifying and correcting serious problems – including the fallout from those problems, which for a small business can be the most serious part of the matter. Computer Repair Ltd offer extensive, well-priced data recovery, system recovery and backup facilities – all, like everything sold by offsite business computer support companies, chargeable only when required.
In a day, and indeed an age, of dwindling disposable income, businesses of all sizes would do well to follow the outsourced business computer support model. Why spend money on something you aren’t using, when you can spend far less on something you only use when you need?

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