Getting ahead in the Cloud

Our IT support services are about more than simply fixing your computers when they throw up the much-feared blue screen of death. As the premier supplier of IT support in London, Visteco is here to help you strategise your hardware and software use: particularly when it comes to relatively new technologies like the Cloud. Your personal IT support manager will help you to design a Cloud presence that really works for your company – utilising the virtually endless possibilities the Cloud represents in the best way for the real-world needs of your business.

Strategising the Cloud for individual businesses

Every business is different: different in size, different in target market and different in function. Your Cloud presence is dictated by the hardware and software needs of your company, and by the functionality you need to give to your external and internal sites and operations. With Visteco, you get an individual Cloud strategy, drawn up to help you make the most of what’s on offer now – and to help you plan for your future too.

Using the Cloud as a future-proofing tool

One of the key elements of the Cloud is its ability to keep you up to date with the latest technologies. Because you are no longer paying to upgrade your hardware and software every time a new technology or functionality comes along, you can use the Cloud as a permanent future-proofing strategy for your business. With this kind of Cloud involvement, you rent the latest versions of the business tools you need from your Cloud provider (us), and you automatically get to take advantage of the latest server hardware technologies.

Using the Cloud to protect your data

Our Cloud presence is heavily protected, and uses the latest in server hardware and antivirus software. The result is an offsite data storage facility that your business can use to back up vital files, or to completely mirror your onsite computing capabilities. In either case, in the event of something happening to your business data onsite, everything’s completely separate and safeguarded in the offsite Cloud storage. You can even access the mirrored version of your business IT system in the Cloud, and use that solely to run your offices while we repair the damaged files and hardware at your onsite location.

Using the Cloud to expand your processing power

As well as giving you access to all the latest hard- and software technologies, the Cloud gives you access to unlimited storage. With Visteco, you only pay for what you need: meaning you get the storage and processing power you need to give your consumers and staff the user experience they need, without having to upgrade your own equipment or storage facilities.

Using the Cloud to connect your workforce

The Cloud can be accessed from any computer or smart device, at any time. Our Cloud strategists may suggest that you take some or all of your business’ functionality up into the cloud so that your workforce can access, modify and reshare vital business files without having to come into the office. In this model of Cloud usage, he hardware your workforce uses (smart devices and computers) become portable gateways to all the data your business needs – which is stored on our secure offsite servers.