Keeping your business safe from harm

What will your business do in the event of a data disaster? Our IT support London services include comprehensive data recovery and disaster recovery/prevention packages. We can remotely mirror your data, to ensure you have an up to date “Image” of your business in the event of a total hardware failure. Or we can come in to a business that’s already suffered a crippling data loss, and forensically retrieve the vast majority of your important files and programs using a temporary operating system.

We’ve got your back

Don’t know when you last backed up your vital business information? Don’t worry. Our remote IT support London service includes regular data backups, which we can set to run automatically so you don’t have to do anything at all. Backing up data is the most efficient way to deal with a disaster: if you already have your vital transactions, records, invoices and orders mirrored on our servers, you can effectively continue trading until your own hardware has been checked, cleaned and rebuilt where necessary.

We know what data means to your business

Our engineers know exactly what data means for your business – and what happens to small and medium sized businesses when they experience a catastrophic data loss. Prevent yourself from becoming another statistic. Talk to us today about putting measures in place to safeguard your company against future data problems.

Circumstances bringing you down? We’ll get you up and running again in no time

Malicious attacks, fire and theft are all big causes of interrupted data service. Our disaster recovery packages are designed to ensure that you have virtually no downtime while we diagnose and fix the problem. With an ongoing IT management contract, we can keep a copy of your business offsite. While our engineers assess the damage to your onsite system, we activate your mirrored system, giving you the tools you need to keep trading.

We’ll protect you against data loss you can’t see

Being protected against data disaster is the best cure of all. That means looking into your hardware as well as your software and backup options. If, for example, you’re overloading servers with too much data, the heat spikes caused by overworked CPUs can set off a temporary shutdown. If you lose orders that were in transit between your website and your internal systems at the time of the power down, you’ll never know.
Our network engineers will recommend switches, cooling systems and network design solutions to combat the risk of unseen data loss.

Remote data protection can keep your business moving

By remotely protecting your data (usually with a regular copy of your business, which is made automatically and stored in the servers at our own secure location), we’re able to immediately take up the slack in the event of a temporary or permanent data disaster. Our remote monitoring software can even warn us in advance of an impending problem, allowing us to head off potentially serious issues before they ever develop. Talk to us about our full IT support London services today.