Making your IT support work better

Make sure your IT systems are working as hard as they can be: and that your IT support in London is as flexible and useful as possible. Talk to our support engineers today about an IT audit: a full-spectrum analysis of your existing hardware and software solutions, with recommendations for future purchases, upgrades and security options.

Taking stock of your existing capabilities

Improving existing systems is one of the core roles of our IT support in London. We start by deconstructing what you have, and looking at ways it can be made to work better for you. We’ll look at every piece of hardware and every software license. Then we’ll draw up a plan for improvement in line with your budget. We can deliver IT audit action as comprehensive as a full system redesign, or as simple as a recommendation for a free antivirus software package.

Working with you and your system

A successful IT audit starts with you. We need to know what your current and future requirements are, before we start recommending ways to redesign or build your hard- and software networks. Our IT audit team will never pressure you to specify your system to a level higher than your budget. A leading provider of IT support in London, we’re uniquely placed to find the right machines and software licenses for your business.

Auditing your business security

Malware, spyware and traditional viruses are recognised dangers for the small and medium sized business – which is why it’s so important to keep your antivirus software in license and up to date. We’re here to help you stay on top of the latest threats, and to assess the best antivirus programmes for your business needs. As your IT support in London partner, we’ll also keep an eye on your software licenses and warranties, so you don’t lay yourself open to attack through a lapsed security measure.

Making your system work better on a budget

Often, it’s possible to improve the performance of your business systems without recommending any new purchases. Most business IT systems suffer from inherited problems: inefficient network design, which worsens over time as ad hoc additions are made to the setup. Our network engineers and business security experts can perform a full audit not just of what you have, but how it has been put together. We’ll iron out any kinks, and reroute any network elements that have been cobbled onto an original system. When we’re finished, your business systems will perform at their optimum level.

From cables to smartphones, we know what’s best for you

If we do need to recommend new hardware, we’ll match your budget and operational requirements in everything from network cables to smartphones. That means you get the best value for money, and the biggest performance too.

We only recommend software we use ourselves

As an independent IT support in London company, we’re uniquely able to recommend software because it’s good for your business. We aren’t tied in to any relationships with distributors or developers.
We spend a lot of time testing software packages, particularly antivirus programs. The software we recommend during your IT audit is endorsed by us as the most appropriate for what you want and can afford.