Getting you connected – whatever your organisational size

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and robustness of our network designs. From a small start-up business to an established multinational, our networks help your business to breathe and to grow. We can design and build a whole network from scratch, design and fit add ons to an existing network, or take the network you already use and redevelop it to work better for your business’ needs.

Future-proofing your network

It’s vital that you future-proof a new or existing network, so you’ll always be ready to face the demands of the latest technologies. This is true both in terms of performance and security (see our Network Security page for more details).
Our IT support London services include full network auditing and design. Let us know what you want your business to do, and we’ll show you the network you need to make it happen. We have design and implementation solutions to suit every business size and every budget.

A different network for every business

We believe that a network, like a brand or the company that built it, is individual. That means creating bespoke network solutions for every business that comes to us. We’ve developed networks for small independent companies, medium sized developed companies, and nationally renowned brands. Tell us what you do, and who you do it for. Our experienced network engineers will recommend the design, hardware and peripherals that fit the bill.

Network security for your business

Security is a key concern for modern networks. The average business comes under attack from online threats hundreds of times every day – and once a threat has penetrated your outer firewall, it can infect every PC, laptop and server in your system. Our network engineers are trained in the latest security protocols, and have years of experience protecting complex networks from attack. Don’t leave anything to chance: get the protection you need, when you need it.

Hardware and software purchasing

As your IT support London partner, we’re able to get preferential prices on the hardware and software you need to create, run and profit from your network. We’ll recommend the best hardware for your budget and your needs, and the software that works best both with your end user and your operating system (OS). We’re even able to act on your behalf, purchasing the hardware and software you need using our own accounts. The result? Reliable, fast and friendly service, with savings we can pass straight on to you.

Server room design

Our experienced system and network designers have worked on many server room design projects, Talk to us about your current and future server requirements – remembering that your power needs are likely to double within the next two years. We’ll design, purchase and build a server installation that keeps your internal network running fast and smooth; and which is ready to take the switches, cooling equipment and extra servers that will be necessary as your storage capacity expands.