The tiered Cloud: designing your Cloud experience from the ground up

Our tiered Cloud service separates your storage needs into performance, balancing and capacity storage – making sure your business plugs into the memory it needs most when it needs it. Tal to your London IT support team today about streamlining your business’ Cloud performance using the tiered model.

Tier one: performance memory

The performance memory in your tiered Cloud services deals with business critical functionality – for example, running your ecommerce website and analysing day to day business performance. All of your business critical data is also stored in the top tier of your tiered Cloud service, ensuring that you get access to the stuff that runs your company on a daily basis, without delay.

Tier two: balanced memory

The next level of your tiered Cloud solution deals with the data you use regularly, but which isn’t as “front line” as the elements stored in the top tier of the Cloud. Data in the second tier is typically large, or is large in aggregate: for instance, all of the file servers in your business will exist on the second tier of this type of Cloud solution. Tier two is accessed rapidly for vital file retrieval: but does not run full tilt in the foreground like tier one.

Tier three: capacity memory

Your London IT support team will put archive and backup files/data into the third tier of your tiered Cloud solution. Data at the third tier level is long lasting and extremely important: backups of your systems and files, plus storage space for long term files (i.e. historical accounts). Essentially, the third tier of your Cloud storage solution mirrors the second, but is buried deeper and so uses less memory.

Parsing out your memory usage with tiered Cloud systems

The three different tiers in your Cloud storage solution allow us to direct memory usage to the processes that need it most. Your immediate daily operations get the benefit of the fast-running, memory rich top tier: while your archived and backup data are stored securely in the much less process-heavy third tier. The result: you pay for the speed and capacity you need for each business task, rather than having to scale up your entire operation to account for the capacity-heavy front end elements.

Tailored storage for reactive businesses

The tiered Cloud option developed by our London IT support team allows us to tailor the storage requirements of each client according to their real business needs. We look at your individual data storage and retrieval requirements, from write-and-use tasks at the top end of the spectrum to long term retrieval requirements on the third tier. Then we build the solution that best reflects the way your company actually works.

Bigger hardware, more power

Your tiered Cloud storage model is built in our servers, giving you access to the latest storage and retrieval hardware. As with most models of Cloud storage and business creation, you benefit from the use of constantly upgraded, highly secure equipment running the latest software tools.