This is the dustiest computer we’ve ever cleaned

One of the most dusty desktop computers we have ever cleaned. The outside was so dusty that all airflow openings were completely blocked. No airflow was flowing in or out of the computer.

The customer called us right on time since the computer was overheating and was lagging.

If not cleaned properly, the PC could overheat and this could lead to motherboard or CPU damage. This means you have to buy a brand new computer.

Sometimes overheating leads to hard drive damage – which means you can lose all your data.

The worst dust accumulation was inside the computer. All the fans, including the CPU fan, were covered in dust. This was leading to serious processor overheating.

The outside and inside of the desktop computer have been cleaned. The whole desktop case was vacuumed and dusted. All case fans including the front ones, were cleaned and dusted. Dust was removed from the motherboard and internal hard drive. Most important processor fan was taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. Old CPU paste was removed, heating elements cleaned and freshly applied cooling paste applied.

We have never seen that much dust on one computer!

Do not wait until your computer gathers as much dust as this one. Contact us and we will come and clean your desktop or laptop computer in London same or next day.