New Laptop setup and installation

We were called to the small office to prepare three new laptops for work. Company in IG6 called Us before with the question which laptop computer is good for everyday office tasks for the right price.

We did a small research and send the customer a few suggestions with different price tags. The company has chosen Lenovo laptops for an upgrade.

Our task was to prepare laptops for work, set them up, install office programs and transfer data from old machines.

Initially, there was an issue with the new Windows 10 S edition. This edition allows only apps from Microsoft store installed. For some home users this is good system as it prevents unknown programs to be installed on the computer including spyware, malware, virus software. But for the company is not the right solution. First of all, we have converted all three laptops to the regular Windows 10 version.

After initial setup, antivirus, office programs were installed. Laptops were connected to the local network and shared drives configured. Emails from old machines were backed up and transferred to the new laptops. The printer was installed, shared and connected to all laptops. Data from old computers backed up and transferred to the new laptops.

Laptops itself was very fast with the fast CPU and Solid Stade drives. The business owner was very happy with the results as the new machines vas much faster than the old computers.

If you need to set up a new computer, transfer data and emails from old computers, install new programs just give a call-out team a call OR visit our On-site IT support service page.