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Top 7 Tips to avoid Computer and Laptop Repair Costs


Do you know that you can avoid unnecessary computer repairs easily? Want to know how? Then read this article carefully, you will surely get useful information.

  • Avoid Using Liquids While Using Your Computer: You should avoid all types of liquids like cold drink or a cup of coffee while using laptop or computer. Your one simple mistake can proves you costly as approximately 55%-60% laptops and pc require repair due to unwanted liquids.
  • Keep all Essential Computer Security Software Updated: You should install all the necessary security software in your pc to protect your computer from all types of risks. Security software means antivirus, anti-malware and anstispyware software. Try to keep all these security software updated most of the time, if you really want to avoid the cost of computer or laptop repair.
  • Remove useless and duplicate data: Many of the pc user’s complaint that their system slow down after the one year of purchase. Main reason of this problem is useless and duplicate data storage. You should delete all the unwanted, useless and duplicate data regularly from your system to make it smooth for use.
  • Use strong password: Most of the people use their phone no and birth dates for the passwords which is completely wrong. Because it makes easy someone to guess your pc password. You should use a mixture of capital letters, small letters, numbers and special characters for your passwords to make them strong.
  • Regular Cleaning: Proper and regular cleaning is very necessary for your pc to make it easy and smooth to use. Use a high quality cleaner and soft cloth for the cleaning.
  • Install or Activate a Firewall: If you are using Microsoft Windows then you will get firewall already installed. But you will need to make sure that it is switched on. You can check its current status easily at the control panel. Mac computers also provide built-in firewall facility. By combining the active firewall with anti-virus software, you can give a strong protection to your computer against viruses and hackers attempting to access private information.
  • Don’t Open unknown Email from: Virus attacks are the most reason of different types of computer problems. Such types of problems most of the time require expensive repair costs. The most common method that attackers try to get malicious software into your computer is by email. That’s why don’t open unknown Emails in your computer for its protection and to avoid cost of repair.

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