Troubleshooting the Blue and Grey Screen on Start-Up

Like any of the other computer or laptop, a Mac is also dealing with some of serious issues time to time. Sometimes, some of the things are there for which you can try an iMac repair at home and make it work like before, but on the other hand, some of the issues are there, and those go horribly wrong. So, if you are facing any of such thing, then need to troubleshoot what is actually responsible to making the iMac go wrong?

Sometimes, some of the issues with the iMac are universal that can unwanted with versions of OS X, that can be solved, and some issues are there that you can recover if you are still covered by the apple’s warranty. This is in fact the best idea to get done with macbook repair and they have done the task for free as well. In case, you are not covered or running short of time, then you can get done some of the issues easily at home.

Start- Up Screen Displaying Blue or Grey- This is a common issue with iMac that when you turn the computer on, then it would show the grey or blue screen or even it stuck to the Apple logo as well. This is not a good sign because there are a number of reasons can be responsible for the same. The truth is that this common issue is quite frustrating, but for the same iMac repair is possible by following the below mentioned steps.

Disconnect all Peripherals- A very common thing responsible for causing this blue or grey screen is when the hardware is not compatible with the machine. So, you need to disconnect everything except keyboard or mouse, and restart the computer. In case, your Mac starts this way, then the issue must be with your peripherals. So, try to connect that to the computer and restart. If that faulty screen appears again, then you are successful to find the issue and get done the macbook repair. If none of the devices are faulty and still the problem is there, then time to dig deeper.

Go for Safe Boot- Safe boot means the minimum devices needed to make it and it would check the hard disk in the process. To start this, start the computer by holding down the Shift key till the time Apple Logo passes. When the Mac starts with the safe boot, restart computer again and see if it boot up in normal way, then all ok and if not time to get the hard drive checked by the expert.