Virus forces people to uninstall their antivirus

In a press releases Symantec warns that the rogue AV Antivirus will give users a warning telling that there is a problem with their antivirus software. It will force them to remove it immediately. The rogue will display a “security” message:
Uncertified [can be any antivirus program] software detected on your computer

You need to remove {can be any antivirus program] software for correct operation of the Antivirus.

Attention: If you don`t remove [can be any antivirus program] software, the performance of your computer will dramatically degrade.

Press “OK” to remove the [can be any antivirus program]”

Do nor press OK. Do nor press any buttons this rogue suggest. Just try to close it and shut down your computer immediately. This rogue can steel your private data and passwords. And it automatically disables your antivirus software. Also it tries to steal your credit card data. To remove this threat from your computer, you need to be advanced computer user.