When You Are Using Your Tablet as a Main Computer

When your system has goes for computer repair or you can’t afford a new computer right now, then no worries, as you can use your tablet as the main machine. Many people have the doubt regarding the fact that they can make use their tablet as the main computer because it is hard to deal with the documents and other things on such small device. But this is just myth, but nothing else. So, you can in fact, use that not for the time when your system is gone for repairs but forever. Here mentioned are the points you need to consider when using tab as prime device so would be ready for tablet repair in case any issue happens.

Storage – When you are using the tablet as main device, and then need to use the cloud to store the stuff. This would go tough to get files on a tablet because there is restricted to use external dongles and simply there is an issue related to the storage space.

Keyboard- When your system is gone for computer repair, then you can use the tablet as the main system, but there would be requirement of a real a keyboard. The need of keyboard would go even higher when you wanted to do serious work. When you are having, touchscreen, then having just an external mouse would not do the same work for you. At the time, using the wireless keyboard would work wonders for you.

Word Processing – For tablet word processing, same like tablet, you have two options Microsoft office and some other productivity apps. Both of the options are near replicas are similar to the desktop versions and the best part is you can use them on the tablet with mouse as they work well with touchscreen. Using Drop box and Google Docs is better options as fine processors and they can also save you from the tablet repair as well.

Browsing the Internet – When you stick with the browser on the tablet, then it would work fine for you, but when dependency of the style of the internet browsing is higher, then needed something better. When you use Google Chrome on the computer and syncing bookmarks and browsing history from devices, then Google chrome would probably be the best as a mobile browser.

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