When Your Laptop Is Running Slowly?

Are you dealing with the issue of slow computer or it keeps on whizzing? Then, before jumping to conclusion that you need a new computer, you need to go with the computer repair that can be done by following some of the simple steps that are mentioned below:

Back Up Your Computer- This is quite common with maximum number of the people that they used to save their photos, videos or other important documents in the laptop as this is their way to cherish the memories, but when you are going to diagnose the issue with the laptop, then better you need to check the files and get a backup of the files that are really important for you. You can either store that in external hard drive or can also save that online so no worries to losing the date when getting done the PC repair.

Restart the Computer- When there would be a minor issue with the laptop or PC, then restarting can offer you with small term relief from the issue. You can restart or completely shut down the computer. After some seconds can start that again for better performance.

Check the Hard Disk Space– Slow down the work of your system is annoying, but it is not always that you need to go with the computer repair, as possible this might be there because your system is running low with a space. For that go to My Computer and right click to Local Drive, then click on properties. It would show you the free space on the device in the form of a pie chart. In case, the disk is full, you would require removing some files and programs and in case, it is still having the space, then might be some other problem responsible for slowing of the system and the only choice left would be getting done with PC repair.

Create Some Space With Removing Some Programs– To do the task, go to control panel, and click to remove programs from the list of installed programs there from the Add or remove programs option. Always free the space cleaned from the useless things that are there in your system occupying unnecessary space. Keep your system installed with latest antivirus that would also keep your system away from the viruses that may also be the reason of slowing down the system.