Why Use Cloud Computing Services

Some of the best computing companies provide cloud services, such as Apple’s MobileMe and iWork, or Google Apps, that allow you to access email, contacts, calendar, photos, movies, documents, backed-up items and more via the internet. With cloud services you can connect at home, work or on the go via a laptop, desktop, smartphone or other handheld device. Plus, you can sync up all those computers and devices to access everything that’s on the cloud, thus eliminating the need to carry around multiple electronic devices to keep up with email and your schedule.

Cloud computing services have been available for some time, with Apple’s first foray with iTools and, later, Mac.com. Originally users were a bit limited with what they could do, but over time Apple introduced other services, creating a well-rounded experience.

MobileMe offers users email, contacts and more. Their cloud services sync up well across the web, computers and mobile and handheld devices. Add in Apple’s iWork website beta, a free service to share, display and allow annotations of iWork’s office suite of software, and you have a great Apple cloud computing service combo with MobileMe.

Google Apps are similar to MobileMe’s suite of cloud computing apps, but they also offer a functional and good Office-style suite of web apps called Google Docs.

Cloud services aren’t just limited to MobileMe and Google Apps, but we feel these are the best and most affordable services available. Some other cloud computing services are more limited, offering only one or two services, forcing users to go to another website for other features. There are also enterprise-style cloud computing services that are ideal for major corporations and cost a lot of money, which isn’t ideal for a small business or individual user.