Windows 10. Do we need to wait for it?

Microsoft has released Windows 10 technical preview. For Computer repair Ltd engineers it’s very important to familiarize ourselves with a new system. So we installed and tested it.

What’s new and what’s old? Installation is identical to previous windows versions. Same annoying register for Microsoft account step. In a moment you can think that you are installing same old Windows 8 🙂

Windows 10 loads a little bit slower than previous version. Maybe because this is just a preview version… We hope loading speed will be faster in final one.

It was nice surprise that all the drivers for 64bit Windows 8 works fine with version 10. So there will be no big problems for PC or laptop upgrade to new system.

We tested a lot of programs for everyday use – browsers, media players, codec’s, office programs. Good news – everything works! Even is preview version (we tested it for 14 days) every program runs fine and there was not even a slight system crash or instability.

Windows 10 how it looks computer repair

And now the main question – is there a start menu? The answer is yes! And the guys from Computer repair Ltd liked it! Finally there is a turn off / restart button on it. You not need to spend two minutes trying to turn your PC off. Navigation is very easy too. Finally some major improvement!

We find it very easy to customize. You just need to drag and drop items to new metro like start menu on the right and that’s it. Program you need can be reached in few clicks.

Do windows 10 have old metro style start? Yes. But you need to change this setting in properties. Then start button takes you to Windows 8 style metro window. So people who used to it will not be disappointed. And this new metro does not cover taskbar. So you will be able to see what programs are running and quick jump to it.

What to expect from Windows 10

As stated in Microsoft website – this new Windows 10 version will be compatible with all devices. Touch screen included. So there is slide from the side function with additional controls. But it works in different way. On desktop computer it was quite tricky to get this feature working. And is good, because it was not popping up when you don’t need it.

One more improvement (?) from Microsoft – there is no more run as admin option. How it will affect safety we will only see in the future.

What about Windows defender? Yes it is still there. It is running by default and “protecting” our system.

In conclusion – engineers from Computer repair Ltd liked it. In our opinion system is much better than Windows 8 and 8.1. Is it safer against trojans, viruses and spyware? Time will show that. But it much more friendly to users.