Windows 8.1 update available from 18 of October. So what’s new?

From 18th October windows 8.1 update and standalone version will be officially available. Windows 8 has been selling worst than expected. With windows 8.1 Microsoft hopes to redeem glory days back. This Windows update will be largest for this OS version. We will introduce some new functions, overview disabled features and give few tips for update installation.


New for Windows 8.1

Windows 8 was more tablet friendly instead of a regular desktop PC. With 8.1 update start button has arrived again! This was missing by many users in previous version. But it works a bit differently. By pressing it you are returned to controversial start tile surface. And only by clicking with right mouse button you have something like old fashioned start menu. It doesn’t show programs but at least controls and shutdown is here. Thanks to new settings options, it is possible to skip the tile surface during startup and immediately go the desktop when booting.
Now you will be able to change background image for tile surface. Windows totally changed search function. Now it will list all programs, files and settings.


More frequent updates for Windows

Microsoft apparently wants to provide updates for Windows at shorter intervals than before. Updates will be smaller and will be less noticeable for the user. There is talk of a one big update per year.


Functions removed from Windows 8.1

We found that some features of Windows 8.1 are no longer on board. By installing the update the performance index disappears. In Windows Vista, 7, and 8 you where able to check how fast your PC is. After 8.1 update you will need to use third party tools to do that.
Microsoft also restricts the functionality of the installed photo app. While editing functions are added, but the import of photos from the Internet no longer works.


To install Windows 8.1

The installation of Windows 8.1 runs on the Windows Store. Depending on how fast your Internet connection, the download may take several minutes to hours. Good to know: you can continue working on the PC during the installation of the update. To switch between tile-world and desktop, click the top left corner of the screen. To complete the installation your computer needs to be rebooted.